Todd's Trains Photos
By Todd Paoni


RECENT PHOTOS (Saturday. August 17, 2019)

NS 9787 brings the westbound stack train across the famous Rockville bridge at Marysville, Pa. on a late Friday evening.

As the morning fog begins to burn off, NS 9702 leads the eastbound NS 10G at mp. 116 at Cove, Pa.

NS 7519 leads an westbound stack train throigh Cove, Pa.

NS 7262 leads the westbound NS 21J at Cove, Pa.

NS 9961 leads NS 25Z westbound at Cove, Pa. as the parade of trains continues on at a fast pace.

NS 7707 leads the eastbound freight under out of services signal bridge at mp 116.0 at Cove. This train also had
a mid train helper (NS 3610).

NS 7245 leads the NS 591 (?) coal train eastbound at Cove, Pa. All the hopper cars belong to the Reading railroad.

NS 1032 leads another westbound stack train through Cove, Pa.

Moved down to Sherman's Creek near Duncannon, Pa. Amtrak 123 leads the eastbound Amtrak 04T through Cannon.

The train of the day for me. NS 1069 (Virginian Heritage) leads the westbound NS 23Z under the signals at Cannon near Sherman's Creek.

Once NS 23Z clears, NS 9416 leads the eastbound NS 64T (tank cars) away from the signals at Duncannon, Pa.

NS 9311 leads an power hungry (9 engines) NS 35A westbound under the signals at Cannon. This was a pretty good size train.

NS 7615 leads an eastbound coal train through Sherman's Creek at Duncannon, Pa.

NS 8017 leads the westbound NS 23M under the signal bridge at Cannon (Duncannon, Pa.)

Here is a train that runs through Front Royal, Va. NS 4127 leads the empty hopper train NS 747 under the signals at Cannon.

NS 4008 leads the westbound freight train over the Rockville bridge at seen from the boat landing side of the bridge.

NS 4079 leads is what I beleive is NS 21A (?) at the Rockville bridge.

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