Todd's Trains Photos
By Todd Paoni


RECENT PHOTOS (Saturday. November 2, 2019)

NS 4051 leads the NS 776 southbound as they work their way through Riverton Junction in Front Royal, VA on the NS H-Line.

DPU units on the back end of the coal train as NS 776 pulls away from Riverton Junction.

NS 1136 leads the NS 18T northbound through Cedarville, Va.

Two NS units serving as the DPU helpers on NS 18T.

NS 3671 with three other NS units brings the NS 777 northbound through Cedarville, Va.

NS 9908 brings the northbound NS 202 through Cedarville, Va. as they are chasing the NS 777 up the NS H-Line.

NS 9916 backs into the Virginia Inland Port with the cuts from the NS 228 train.

Once the pickup is completed and they coupled backup to the rest of their train , NS 9916 drifts down toward Ashby with the NS 228.
Meanwhile, NS 13R is lurking not too far behind the NS 228 at Marsh Run.

With the NS 228 getting on the NS B-Line at Riverton Junction, NS 4179 brings the NS 13R southbound on the siding
at Cedarville, Va. and will be following the NS 228 on the NS B-Line.

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