Todd's Train Photos

     By Wiiliam T. Paoni
y William Todd Paoni

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SaSaturday, July 22, 2023


NS 4151 leads the NS 13Z southbound on the main at Cedarville, Va.

NS 9721 with an BNSF unit second in the consist creeps down the main toward the signals at Ashby with NS 25A. The dispatcher was having
issues with the signals at both Ashby and Riverton Junction and had NS 25A stop short of Ashby until given permission to proceed by
the stop signal and meanwhile NS 289 was right behind them as they are coming down the siding track.

With both NS 25A and NS 289 being slowed up with the signals issues, I went over to CP Woods on the NS B-Line along
Haapy Creek Road in Front Royal, Va. NS 4156 brings NS 289 around the bend as their allowing NS 25A to get a little
further distances between the two trains.  The Second was the UP 6800.

Working on a Saturday is the NS K8Z (NS K89 during the week) heads up the main to work a few industrial sites. NS 4517
also sat Riverton Junction as they had to wait for NS 25A and NS 289 to clear out and finally got going north after
the signal issues was resolved/

NS 8165 with the NS 11Z also had to wait on the siding track until K8Z got by them and also the signals issues to be resolved.

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