Todd's Trains Photos
By Todd Paoni


RECENT PHOTOS (Saturday, June 9, 2018)

NS 2608 leads the NS 12R northbound through Cedarville, Va.

NS 3630 leads the southbound NS 35Q down the siding at Cedarville, Va. after meeting NS 12R at Berryville, Va.

After meeting NS 35Q over at Cody on the NS B-Line in Linden, Va., NS 9360 leads the northbound NS 36Q on the NS H-Line.

NS 1094 leads the northbound NS M6T over the Rockland Road crossing at Cedarville.

NS 1041 along with the KCS 4713 (NS 228) backs into the Virginia Inland Port
to get their Saturday's pickup. Just as NS 228
ducks into the Inland Port..........

NS 8097 brings the northbound NS 202 up the siding track as storm clouds are starting to develop around the area.

Once NS 228 finally backs up and couples onto the rest of it train, NS 228 bring having problems with their PTC on their train.

With NS 228 crew still working to resolve the PTC issues, I went over to Ashby Station Road to get the next southbound train.
NS 7619 leads the southbound NS 203 as they approach Ashby Station Road (The old Ashby) and will go around NS 228.

Knowing that NS 13R was running not far behind the NS 203, I was trying to catch them at White Post, but just missed them at the
road crossing. so I went back to Cedarville since they will be held up as NS 228 finally got underway and was nearing Riverton Jct.
in Front Royal, Va. NS 8017 comes to a stop on the siding with the NS 13R to give NS 228 more time to get further in front
of the NS 13R. meanwhile, NS 16T was approaching Riverton Jct. from the south, but I did not stay around due to the approaching
T-stroms that were moving into the area.

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