Todd's Trains Photos
By Todd Paoni


RECENT PHOTOS (Saturday, January 21, 2017)

CSXT 3370 leads the CSX Q135 westbound on track 2 at Shenandoah Junction, WV.

Coming out of the fog in the distance, CSXT 3160 leads CSX N744 eastbound at the junction.

CSXT 3076 leads the westbound CSX Q400 as they approach the grade crossing at Ridge Road at Shenandoah Junction, WV.
As I was nearing the area, I heard on the scanner that Q400 went into emergency at Harpers Ferry, forcing Q135 to go around
them and also holding up the eastbound trains just west of the area.

CSX N793 with the CSXT leading comes out of the fog as they near the NS bridge.

CSXT 870 leads the eastbound CSX Q370 as they will be meeting CSX Q416 at Duffields.

As the tail end of CSX Q370 is about to disappear, CSXT 3043 brings CSX Q416 into view.

Another view of CSX Q416 on a foggy Saturday at Shenandoah Junction, WV.

CSXT 478 leads the eastbound CSX Q296 under the NS bridge at the junction.

CSXT 853 leans into the curve with the CSX L217 in tow at Shenandoah Junction, WV.

The mini-Capitol Limited PO30 (as I call it) heads eastbound at Bardane, WV with Amtrak 139 leading the way.

Over at Warm Springs Road, CSXT 822 leads a very long CSX Q373 westbound as they split the signals at SHEN.

CSXT 4779 leads another stack train (CSX Q136) as they approach the signals at Warm Springs Road and will be meeting a westbound
hopper train just before Duffields.

CSXT 5210 brings CSX E752 westbound as they pass the tail end of CSX Q136 at Warm Springs Road at SHEN.

NS 1099 leads the southbound NS 203 at Cedarville, Va as they are chasing down NS 228 who is now over on the B-Line meeting
NS 290 at Woods. The crew of NS 203 gave a special horn salute to a Virginia State trooper who sitting down by the Rockland Road
grade crossing as they rolled southbound.

After meeting both NS 228 and NS 203 over on the B-Line at Woods. A pair of BNSF units with the BNSF 8256 leading the way heads north
on the main track at Cedarville, Va. with NS 290. It was getting pretty dark and I had to turn the ISO up on the camera for this shot.

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