Todd's Trains Photos
By Todd Paoni


RECENT PHOTOS (Saturday, April 20, 2019)

Amtrak 193 leads the eastbound Amtrak's Capitol Limited under the NS bridge at Shenandoah Junction, WV. A nice freindly wave
from the train crew at that.

CSXT 4011 leads the eastbound CSX Q216 across Ridge Road at Shenandoah Junction, WV.

CSXT 3079 leads the westbound empty hoppers (CSX E781) through the curve.

Moved over to Bardane and waited for the next two eastbounds to come. First up is the CSX Q415 with the CSXT 3030 in the
lead with a very heavy and long train (Over 800+ axels). So, if you are over that many axels, you would need......

Some help in the middle as CSXT 3360 is the DPU helper on CSX Q415 today.

Didn't quite catch the symbol, but CSXT 881 leads the eastbound loaded coal train through Bardane, WV. This coal train also had two
DPU units pushing on the rear, but I was caught off gurad and could not get a photo in time.

The only NS train that I was able to catch today. NS 7657 leads the NS 228 southbound on the H-Line at Shenandoah Junction, WV.

Thanks for viewing !!!