About the Photographer:


*Photo by Darren Megowan*


        My name is Ryan, I was born in Dallas, Texas, and with the influence of my grandfather, I started watching trains at a young age as a hobby.  As a teenager I would frequent Fort Worth's Tower 55 on weekends and even embark on railfan excursions with my grandfather.  During those weekends and excursions, I would use my grandfather's Pentax Film SLRs to shoot roster shots and broadside shots of power that we would find out and about.  One of the most important lessons I learned from my grandfather about photography was to "get the couplers"! 

     Since my days at Tower 55, I have moved to Northern California and found myself moving away from the roster shot style of railroad photography and into the more artistic, action style of photography that I do today.  In my photographs I try to capture the beastliness of a train moving through the beauty of nature.  While I have been taking roster shots for a long time, I have only just recently moved into the artistic action shot style. 

     My photography is ever changing and growing, and since I am a full time student, I don't always have the time to get out and take photos.  Yet, as with any hobby, my photography is a work in progress and I will continue to strive for something better. 

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Some of my work can be found in the following publications:

UPRR Calendar 2010, McMillan's BNSF and UP Calendars 2010, BLE-T October 2009 Monthly News Letter, Railroads Illustrated DINA 2008 (Printed 2009) and more...