Cumberland, Maryland
(Cumberland  Yard)

This 15 x 3.5 foot area of the layout depicts Cumberland yard.  The area recreates as much as possible some of the characteristics of the yard.  What most resembles the area is Virginia Avenue and E. Offut Street.  In the background are scaled photos of the actual buildings on the street including the Brass Cactus.

Also inculded is the roundhouse, backshop, fuel and sand racks, and the car repair facilities.  There are some background buildings too including the Cumberland Pasta Company.

yard diagram
This is the track diagram of the yard and accompanying buildings.

Baltimore Street
An SD50, SD35, and SD40-2 pulls loaded hoppers across Baltimore Street in Cumberland.  The Baltimore Street shack (on the left) was built to look as the actual one that once stood at this site.

Virginia Avenue
This is the corner of Virginia Avenue and East Offut Street where the sign marking the location of the Cumberland Locomotive Shops stood.  The background is an actual photo from this depicted location.

This photo shows the turntable which sits between the back shop and round house.  The tracks in the foreground is the mainline.

 An SD35 is being aligned to enter the shop for some work.

This photo shows an SD50 already being worked on in the back shop.

fuel rack
U33C 3306 sits at the fueling rack getting  ready for its next assignment.  

sand rack
At the sanding rack, a trio of GP40-2's get their sand replenished for the steep climb they will encounter as they leave Cumberland.  In the background on the right is the Cumberland Pasta Company.

wheel shop
At the car shop, an SW9 brings in a load of wheels to be worked on.  Steep grades and curves can be rough on the wheels carrying the vast amounts of tonnage carried over Sand Patch Grade.

Passengers wait at the station platform for a very late Capitol Limited.

This is a photo from October 2001 of the yard under construction.  Later a section was added on the inside of the curve to include the Amtrak station.