Hyndman, PA

This section of the layout depicts Hyndman, PA.  This is actually the highest point of the layout - 9.5 inches above the lowest point.  In reality, Hyndman marks the Eastern side of Sand Patch grade.  Located here is a baseball field, a diner, a small residential area, and a winding road depicting PA route 96.

This is an overview of the Hyndman area.

state line
A B&O GP38 leads a mixed freight to Cumberland.  
This depicts the MD-PA state line.  The boundary marker on the left was replicated from photographs.

This is the baseball field along the curve.  In order to get the field to fit, the dimentions are compressed, but it is not noticeable.  The players were puchased from Kramer Products in West Mifflin, PA.  I removed the bases of the figures and painted them along with the stripes and numbers on the uniforms.

A closer look at the infield.

A coal train rounds the bend as the outfielders have a shift on for the left-handed batter.

first base
The home team is behind.  I made the scoreboard on my computer.  The logo of the hornet was from the Hyndman High Shool website.

star diner
This is the diner across the street from the baseball field.  The sign is from Bar Mills, the diner is by Walthers.  The diner is located on PA route 96.

night time
It's getting to be early evening as the interior of the diner can be seen.

home chores
This is the back yards where women are hanging the laundry and the men are mowing the grass on a warm afternoon.

maintenance shack
This is a scratch built maintenance building along the tracks.  A Chessie System truck is parked nearby ready for the daily work assignments.

main street
It must be trash day as a mailman delivers mail along the row of houses.