Markleton, PA
Updated August 10, 2008

Markleton is located along the Casselman River in Pennsylvania.  This small town has only a few structures along with a post office (formally a bar) along the tracks and a small bridge crossing the river.  I also added a church and lumber yard to the area.

The scenery is completed.  The only additions are some details to complete the scene.

Topographic map showing the Markleton area.

This photo shows an overall view of the Markleton area.  The Casselman River is on the left and attracts many fishermen.

This is a ground view of the area.  The lumber yard is in the foreground on the right and is serviced by the railroad.

This is Markleton Road.  There are alot of trees in this area - too many to count.  On the right is the post office which was originally a bar.

This is the local church along with a cemetary.  A PennDOT survey crew is marking the road for some future improvements.

SD50 #8587 crosses Markleton Road with the church in the background.

Here is a more wide-angle view of the photo above.

Here is a close up of the post office.  This building was scratchbuilt from photos I captured from a railroad video.  The sign above the enterance was video-captured and edited in Photoshop.

The local lumber company is preparing a delivery for some local constuction in the area.

Here is a view of the storage buildings for the lumber company,

Road construction - this must be Pennsylvania.

Roadwork is being done on the back of the scene.  The construction vehicles were bought at WalMart at a very low price, and then weathered heavily.

Another view of the construction.  The lumber storage buildins are behind the trees on the left of the photo.

A close-up of the work zone.

A westbound freight exits "Shoofly" tunnel as two fishermen take advantage of the great fishing in the Casselman River.