Overview of the Layout - November 13, 2009

The layout covers an overall area (32 x 24 ft) in my basement.  The double track mainline is all Atlas code 100 flextrack and is approximately 160 feet in length.  Cross-overs are #6 switches.  The minmum curve radius is 30 inches, and the maximum grade is 2.4%.

The benchwork is supported using the L-girder system.  The subroadbed is 5/8" plywood with cork roadbed.

This is the same view today of the previous picture.  This is the larger of the two rooms which cover the line from Cumberland, MD to Confluence.

This is the opposite view of the above picture.  You can see the entire layout that fills the larger room.  You can also see the difference in elevation between the highest (duck under) and lowest point of the layout.

Here is another view.  The facia is masonite with a plastic skirting.  The track diagram with elevations is mounted on the train room side of the layout.  A better view of the diagram can be found at the bottom of this page.

This is the smaller room that covers the areas from Pittsburgh to Confluence.  You can see Pittsburgh in the foreground on the right.  The truss bridge in the background is the railroad bridge in McKeesport.

The layout is powered with NCE's PowerPro DCC system.  There are three power districts which power over 25 electrically isolated blocks.

block terminal
Power is delivered to each block via #12 house wiring to a terminal strip.  Wire feeders to the rails are #18 gage wires.

This is the track diagram for the layout.  The names of the individual blocks are listed along with the percent of grade.  For a larger view, click the image.