Pittsburgh, PA

This portion of the layout depicts downtown Pittsburgh.  The layout of the buildings took several attempts to get the sense of depth to make the area look larger than it actually is.

Pittsburgh Overview
This photo shows an overview of the Pittsburgh area.   The two skyscapers, hotel, and department store are made by Bachmann.  I got them for a steal at $15 and $20 each.

Boulevard of the Allies
This overpass is part of the Boulevard of the Allies which runs along the back of the scene against the backdrop.  The route signs were downloaded from the internet from companies which make actual traffic and route signs.  The numbers were modified using Photoshop.  The WDVE bill board was from a bumper sticker given away as a promotion.

A pair of Chessie SD-35s leads a loaded coal train under the Boulevard of the Allies.  This location is actually the end of the line as far as the model railroad is concerned.  The reddish building in the background is in Cumberland, Maryland, the other extreme end of the line.

If you're modeling Pittsburgh, you got to have a Pants 'N 'At.  This is a popular comedy sketch performed on WDVE.  

Bad part of town
This is a part of the scene that is "along the tracks".  The sign was made from an old Pittsburgh Pirates Yearbook from the era that I am modeling.  Moe's Bar is a bar that was located near Glenwood Yard, just east of Pittsburgh.

Grant Street Station
The PaTrain is heading into the station, bringing commuters to work.  The station is a modified version of the actual building in order to get it to fit within the scene.  The facade very closely replicates the actual building which no longer exists.  More photos of the station can be seen in the PaTrain page.

Hobby Shop
Every big city has its good hobby shop.  The bill board above the building was obtained from a Pirates  scorecard from the era.

The Westinghouse warehouse separates the city from the steel mill that is to the left of this photo.  A Union RR SW-1500 can be seen under the bridge.  The brown building is the Westinghouse building where my father used to work.

Rounding the curve
A Chessie GP-38 leads a hot-shot trailer train along the city's edge.  This view shows the steel mill in the background.  The back sides of the buildings expose the dirty part of the city with garbage cans and empty cardboard boxes.

RR Xing
An SD-35 crosses the street leading into "dahntahn".  The railroad crossing operates with alternately illuminating lights.

Busy Street
Traffic begins to back up in the busy Pittsburgh streets.

Another view of the trailer jet roaring through town.