McKeesport Connecting Railroad

The photos below are of the round house and shop. 

Overhead photo of the roundhouse.

This is the round house section.  Not sure what the tower is for, but it looks like it might have contained sand for the locomotives.

This is the shop section of the facility.  The year of construction can be seen near the peak of the building - 1906.

This is the side of the shop.  There were letters along the tops fo the windows, but I don't know what they might have indicated.  Most of the windows were broken.

This is the back of the round house facing the Monongahela River.

With all the broken windows, it was easy to get photographs of the interrior.  You can see number stencils on the floor.

In this view you can see the inside of the two green doors where two tracks lead into the building.

This view looks to show the inspection pits and scafolding used to work on the locomotives.

This is the back of the building on the river side.

This is the overhead crane.  The yellow sign on the control platform said the hoist can handle a maximum of 50,000 pounds.