Rockwood, PA

This section of the layout depicts Rockwood, PA.  The junction to the S&C subdivision is here along with the station.  This area has a coal mine, farm, and the maintenance area around the station.

Casselman River
The locals are taking advantage of the scenic Casselman River as the westbound Capitol Limited rounds the curve that follows the river.

Chessie SD50 #8594 emerges from Pinkerton Tunnel as it passes over a farm crossing.

A CONRAIL SD60 pulls a trailer train over the Casselman River.

A steam excursion train rounds the curve as it passes the Rockwood train station.

A pair of B&O geeps spot a cut of hoppers at the coal mine above the Y at Rockwood.

Hoppers full of black diamonds await pick up for delivery to steel mills and power plants.

This is the station at Rockwood.  A crew awaits their assignment which is running late.  I scratch built it from photos of the actual station and from standard B&O drawings.

A farm hand tries to organize the hogs for thier dinner.

Another view of the farm.  The family dog guards the front porch.

A local resident stops by the farm's produce stand.