Union Railroad

The Union Railroad operates between the various mills in the Pittsburgh area.  

Union Railroad #2 is one of the two SW-1500 I have modeled.  This is an unpowered Athern blue-box kit that was painted Conrail blue, which seemed to best match the URR blue.  All of the decals used for my URR equipment were purchased from Brandon Wehe who produces many steel industry decals.

#4 is the second SW-1500, which is also unpowered.  Brandon Wehe also produces the coolers that are found on all the Union Railroad's locomotives and adds a unique detail.

Slab car #673 is a kit made by State Tool & Die.  I added the stakes and a layer of slag below the slabs.  State Tool & Die makes the steel slabs.  This version of the slabs shown here are the "hot" version which are a bright orange.  Some overspray of dark gray give the illusion of the slabs recently leaving the mill.

Here is the entire 6-car slab train.  These slabs are the "cold" version that State Tool and Die makes.

This is a coke car which is made by Walthers.  Although the model does not replicate the actual URR coke cars the lettering is accurate.

Here are a string of six coke cars on the elevated track feeding the blast furnace.

URR 3149 is being relocated by a McKeesport Connecting RR S-2.  The gondola is a Roundhouse kit.

URR C-102 is an Athearn blue-box caboose.  I use Floquil paint to airbrush my models.  The sides are painted Caboose Red and the roof Grimy Black.  Signal Yelow highlights the railings and ladders.