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November 20

NS 4100 leads 11Z southbound at Shenandoah Junction.

CSX 5327 leads Q370 eastbound at Shen.

Amtrak 182 leads a si car P030 eastbound (holiday travel?).

NS 1164 leads 13R southbound at the Junction.

NS7687 is the DPU on 13R.

CSX 3425 leads Q331 westbound at Shen.

CSX 49 leads E792 westbound at Shen.

NS 1061 sits in the siding at the Junction with 16T, waiting to meet 228 and 203.

NS 9520 leads 228 southbound at the Junction.

NS 1027 leads 203 southbound at the H22.

CSX 981 leads Q369 westbound through Shen.

CSX 851 leads Q217 westbound through Shen.

November 13

CSX 3195 leads Q135 westbound at Shen.

NS 3657 leads 211 southbound at the Junction..

Amtral 129 leads P030 eastbound at Shen.

CSX 581 leads Q217 westbound at Shen.

CSX 529 leads Q369 westbound from track 2 to track 1 at Shen.

Not sure if this is the same deer as a couple days ago crossing the tracks near a line-up of critters parked for the weekend.

CSX 724 leads Q216 eastbound at Shen. Q216 stalled on the hill to Hobbs when the DPU (3402) shut down due to low engine oil pressure. Local D774 had to cut off his cars and come east to shove Q216 up the hill, then return west.

NS 4072 leads 203 southbound at the H22.

NS 8175 leads 228 southbound at the H22.

November 10

At dawn, a tamper is putting the finishing touches on the new bridge at the Junction. The bridge was in place about 04030, just weld the three pieces together and lay the track. It is a single track bridge with walkways on each side.

CSX 3031 leads Q135 westbound at Shen.

CSX 988 leads X217-08 westbound at Shen. Normally, Q217 is the current date, but this is two days old and only 182 axles with a one unit wonder.

NS 9704 leads 211 southbound at the Junction at 10 mph as the first train over the new bridge.

A small deer crosses the tracks at Ridge Road in front of Q216.

CSX 993 leads Q216 eastbound from track 1 to track 2 at Shen.

NS 1820 leads 15T southbound at the Junction.

Amtrak 23 leads P030 eastbound at Shen.

DOTX 221 trails the power on P030.

After two trains have passed (211 and 214), the ballast regulator does a couple final passes to smooth the ballast. Comment heard on the radio " it hasn't looked this good in 30 years.'"

CSX 866 leads Q349 westbound at Shen.

NS 8072 leads 202 northbound at Luther Jones Road.

NS 8166 leads 11Z southbound at the H22.

CSX 3311 leads E789 westbound at Shen.

NS 3609 leads 13R southbound at the H22.

NS 7513 is the DPU on 13R.

NS 4222 leads 740 southbound at the H22.

NS 1801 is the rear DPU on 740.

NS 3605 leads 203 southbound at the H22.




My photographs at Railpictures.net



XBNSF980.jpg (51552 bytes)                                                                                                                                                                  

NW 611              

XBNSF980.jpg (51552 bytes)                    XBNSF4378.jpg (47983 bytes)                    XATSF5376.jpg (23046 bytes)                   XCSX605.jpg (2589 bytes)

DMIR 409 (trailing)                           Miss Shirley                                    ATSF SD45 ABBA                       Juice train on NS

XCSX5275.jpg (17891 bytes)                    XNS4270-2.jpg (16833 bytes)                      XNS4270-3.jpg (16467 bytes)                     XGM50.jpg (13924 bytes)

CSX Xmas card                                NS ABA F9s                                   NS ABBA F9s                                 GM50

 XThomas1.jpg (18052 bytes)                     XCSX8782.jpg (16149 bytes)                   XGM70.jpg (40165 bytes)                  XNW611-1.jpg (36053 bytes)

Thomas w/o face                                SD60 smoking                                  GM70 Demo                                     NW 611                            

 XCSX6344.jpg (36598 bytes)                     XNW1218-1.jpg (36134 bytes)                   XPRR1223.jpg (37864 bytes)                   XSR4501-2.jpg (30877 bytes)

CSX Transportation                            NW 1218                                        PRR 1223 and 7002                        SR 4501

XSR4501-1.jpg (38084 bytes)                    XThomas2.jpg (40234 bytes)                       XWMS734-3.jpg (40603 bytes)                   XWMS734-1.jpg (41012 bytes)

SR 4501                                             Thomas                                             WMSR 734                                   WMSR 734

XPRR6742.jpg (39301 bytes)                    XRFP123.jpg (43579 bytes)                        XRFP133.jpg (31000 bytes)                   XRFP145.jpg (39779 bytes)

NS bug spraying                                RF&P 123                                        Orange Blossom Special                    RF&P 145

XCSX4794-1.jpg (40710 bytes)                    XGW90.jpg (15247 bytes)                         XCSX686.jpg (15595 bytes)                   XRFP138.jpg (14054 bytes)

CSX on NS B-line                            GTW 90 & 31 Ford                             CSX 686 w/ juice                               RF&P 133 on Amtrak

XCO614-1.jpg (38585 bytes)               XFlames.jpg (10808 bytes)               XSR3499.jpg (40115 bytes)              XWMS734-2.jpg (40110 bytes)               XNS4270-1.jpg (14917 bytes)

C&O 614                          Dash 9 fire                         SR FP7s                         WMSR 734                         NS ABB F92               

XBO3802-1.jpg (42847 bytes)             XCSX651.jpg (19003 bytes)          XCSX4794-2.jpg (17199 bytes)             XCSX4840.jpg (18857 bytes)         XMARC70.jpg (11389 bytes)             XNW1218-2.jpg (31281 bytes)

B&O 3802 Trains unit        CSX 651 w/ K651         CSX on B-line                    CSX 70ACe                      MARC rainbow                 NW 1218

XNYC811.jpg (28750 bytes)         XSR4501-3.jpg (20253 bytes)             XSR4501-4.jpg (23375 bytes)             XThomas3.jpg (12480 bytes)             XUP8045.jpg (17236 bytes)

CR 80MAC                     SR 4501                     SR 4501                       Thomas                         UP SD90 on Sandpatch          


All photographs and descriptions are copyright 1980-2020 by David B. Davies.  All rights are reserved.

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