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Railroads in Colorado 2010
Bill Kepner and Kirk Orndorff

When someone asks what a typical train is like in Colorado, what should they be told? Is it a slow moving 140-car long coal drag or a perfectly restored steam engine pulling many cars of happy passengers? Or is it one of the Amtrak trains which cross the state? In this volume we've tried to document the railroad scene in Colorado during the year 2010. Over 20 photographers provided the 224 photographs contained within which cover virtually every rail line in the state. The photographers who contributed to this include several who are well known in railfan circles and a couple who are or had been employed by railroads, but the majority ore just ordinary folks who enjoy taking photographs of their favorite railroad subjects. By no means are any professionals, but they all certainly have the skill to be.

One Hundred Oakways
By Bill Kepner

In 1986, Burlington Northern Railroad received 100 new EMD SD60 locomotives for use on their system in the western half of the United States. These were not purchased or leased in a traditional manner, as BN would pay only for the kilowatt hours of electricity they generated in the course of being operated in service.

Nicknamed “Oakways” for the company who actually leased them from EMD, they served BN and BNSF well for over 20 years. Since they we not BN’s locomotives, they were painted in EMD’s demonstrator paint scheme, a big change from the hundreds of green and while units already on the railroad.

BN also felt the maintenance could be outsourced and not be subject to union agreements since BN was just buying the “power” and neither owned or directly leased the locomotives.. See what the Oakways did and where they could be found on the vast BN and BNSF railroads between 1987 and 2010.

Great Western Railway
By Kirk Orndorff and Wm. Kirk Orndorff

Colorado's Great Western Railway, Two Decades of Color is a look at the railroad from 1990 to 2010. During this period, significant changes occurred on the railroad including types of motive power used, lines operated, corporate identification, train sizes, and cooperation with connecting Class1 railroads Union Pacific and BNSF Railway. In this 160 page book, viewers will see these changes documented in 264 all-color photographs by four local photographers who have spent countless hours trackside during the past two decades.

Ski Train to Winter Park
By Bill Kepner

If you were looking for a nice train book with sunny, puffy white cloud train photography, sorry this isn't it. Railroads run in all weather (even at night), and this book documents what the Ski Train would normally encounter on a typical day on it's way to Winter Park.

This book covers the Ski Train extensively from January 1984 through the end of the 2009 Winter season. With the sale of the equipment to the Algoma Central Railway of Canada in April 2009, a long-time Colorado tradition has come to a close.

BNSF on Crawford Hill
By Kirk Orndorff /W. Kirk Orndorff

BNSF on Crawford Hill is a pictorial look at the first 12 years of BNSF operations on Crawford Hill in northwest Nebraska. In this 160 page all-color book, viewers will see the changes in motive power and operations as they transition from the years immediately following the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe corporate merger in 1995 to late summer of 2009 through photos taken in seven different years. Chapters included are Crawford to Breezy Point, Breezy Point to Belmont, the Summit at Belmont, Helper Locomotives in the BNSF Era, Thirty minutes at Breezy Point, and Grinstein Mac's to the Rescue.

The first three chapters can be used as a railfanning guide because the photos are shown in geographic order as trains make their way up the hill to the summit at Belmont. Additionally, modelers of todays high density, heavy-duty mainline scene can use the book as a reference for modeling track, engines and cars, signaling systems, operations, and weathering.

Colorado 2009 Railfan Yearbook
Bill Kepner

A diverse group of 27 photographers contributed this set of photographic images which best define what railroading was during 2009 in the state of Colorado.

Not only were there colorful modern diesel locomotive consists on the mainlines, older well-used units on the branch and short lines, but there were also many excursion and tourist trains powered by steam and other historic equipment.

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