25 August 2006: #614 rolls again

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Knowing that Chicago's commuter rail agency, Metra, would be retiring its F40C locomotives soon, I shot some video of them at my local station (Deerfield, IL, MP 24.1) on the Milwaukee District North line.

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F40C #614

Train 2127
arriving Deerfield 17:16

departed Union Station 16:40
skipped all stops between Western Ave. and Lake-Cook Road
(24 miles in 36 minutes)

F40C #600

Train 2146
departing Deerfield 17:17

will arrive at Union Station 18:11
previously departed Union Station 16:16 as Train 2121
arrived Deerfield 17:10
crossed over at MP 24.5 and switched from "pull" to "push" operation

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F40C #602

Train 2131
arriving Deerfield 17:41

departed Union Station 16:48
will cross over at MP 24.5 and switch from "pull" to "push" operation
will return as Train 2148 (Deerfield 17:50, Union Station 18:44)

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Northwest Suburban Mass Transit District, Owner.
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad
Company, Lessee.

1. These were my first attempts at shooting video—on the same day my camera was delivered, in fact—and the shots and editing are quite amateurish. (Someday I'll find time to re-do the editing, at least.)
2. The still photos were captured from video and are of low resolution.