Chicago's commuter rail agency, Metra, operated a passenger special for the RR Donnelley company on Saturday 17 April 2004. It ran north from Chicago Union Station on the Metra Milwaukee District North line, reportedly stopping at Lake Forest and proceeding to Rondout to run the locomotives around the consist. It then retraced its path southbound as far as the junction of the North line and the Milwaukee District West line at Tower A5, at which point it ran west to Elgin.

I live a couple blocks from a station on the North line, so I went to see the train. I'm a very novice videographer, as you'll see, but you can more or less see the train (plus an Amtrak Hiawatha that came by a couple minutes later) in the following clips.



[1.1 MB, .wmv]


[1.4 MB, .wmv]

Hiawatha #333

[1.0 MB, .wmv]


Someone posted a great photo of this train as it backed toward Chicago Union Station the previous evening.