Description: Quechee Gorge Village

Quechee Gorge Village

US Route 4

Quechee, VT 05059


Woodstock Railroad

Locomotives   Chance C.P. Huntington #unknown

                                Crown Little Toot # unknown (in storage in engine house)

Cars -                     Chance two C.P. Huntington cars, only one used at time of visit

                                Crown two cars in need of work

Ride-                     Ride starts in front of the main building in the village. Curves around the north side of the property where there is a switch that they are storing the two Crown cars. Line then curves around the front entrance. The CP Huntington has a great whistle, be sure to turn the volume up when you watch the video. The line then curves behind the diner and under a storage structure. To the left is the engine house with a spur and the line continues back to the front of the village.  

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