Alleghany Sub


Eastbound train has exited the tunnel at Fort Spring WV.

Oct 29th, 2005.



Another eastbound at Fort Spring WV. on Oct 29th, 2005.



A westbound has exited the tunnel as eastbound Q302 enters.  This

Location is between two tunnels.  Fort Spring WV. Oct. 29th, 2005.



A westbound hopper train is preparing to enter Big Bend Tunnel on Oct. 29th, 2005.

This view is from the John Henry monument overlooking the track.



With colors just beginning to turn a eastbound coal drag is about to enter

Hinton yard. Brooks WV, Oct. 29th, 2005.



A westbound hopper train at the small yard at Meadow Creek WV.

Oct 29th, 2005.


A eastbound coal drag at Meadow Creek WV. on Oct 29th, 2005.



Eastbound coal train at Tuckahoe WV. on Oct. 29th, 2005.



A work train with a surprise C36-7 leading is by Roncerverte WV. on

Oct. 29th, 2005.  The other units are a mother/slug set.






A westbound hopper train is by Alpine Va. On Oct. 30th, 2005.  There was

 alot of track work being done in this area.



Alpine was a busy place this day, several trains passed within a hour or so.

Here a eastbound coal train is on the main, Oct. 30th, 2005. A ballast train is

tied down in the siding just east of here.



Not sure what happened to the cab on this unit, but it must have hit something

with some size to it.  Q302 at Alpine on Oct. 30th, 2005.



Eastbound G894 is by Gala with some fall colors just beginning to show on Oct. 30th, 2005.  Fall is my favorite time of year, even on

a dull year like this it is still great.



G894 is passing through the town of Eagle Rock on Oct. 30th, 2005.  We were very happy to

catch this grain train with Two BNSF units leading.






















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