Latest Images

An eastbound grain train is approaching the Virginia line on October 29th with a older model GE leading.

P957-29 the deadhead move of equipment from the New River train is passing Q302 at Tuckahoe WV.

A shot of more of the consist of the P957 as it arrives at Clifton Forge Va.

A westbound hopper train is at Bells Valley on October 29th and will meet the Amtrak move at Goshen

which is just west of here.

The Amtrak move is passing by Goshen Va.

We have all heard of the end of the line, well here it is at least kind of.  Undercutting at Waynesboro Va.

has been going on and soon after this picture was taken panel track will be laid.

Old rail is being moved off to the side so the old ties can be removed.

Old ties are being dumped off to the side.

A wider view of the mainline or what’s left of it at Waynesboro.  When this is all done a 10mph

restriction will be lifted and normal speed will be 40mph.

A view of the north end of the yard shows a better looking mainline.

A clam shell crane has been brought in to help move panel track in place.