McWeb Software - WYSIWYG HTML Web page editor, Javascript effects and DHTML scripts My name is Gary Mullis and I am a Firefighter / Paramedic who's hobby is railroad photography and HO modeling.   I live in Virginia and primarly photograph rail lines in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Pa.  This website is a way to share my photos with everyone for their enjoyment.  I use a Nikon D1 camera with a 80-200 f2.8 and a 28-70 f2.8.   This site is a work in progress and hopefully will continue to grow over time.  I owe alot of thanks to Fred Evans for the creation of this page, his insight and patient teaching have meant alot to me.  I also want to thank the many railfans I have met, some of who have become close friends of mine.  Some of these railfans are national caliber photographers who have shared there skills in helping make me a better photographer.  If you wish to purchase prints or have any comments about this page you can email me at mullisgp@yahoo.com 


Gary Mullis