On August 14, 2004, a trip was made to Phillipsburg to ride the NYS&W 142 on the Bel-Del.  These photos represent a recap of the trip.  As I approached Phillipsburg, I did see an Allentown local head north toward Washington, NJ.
Prior to the one o'clock departure, a crew member inspects the wheels of the Mikado.
The steam engine attracted quite a crowd as the train unloaded and loaded passengers.  This photo was taken as the conductor yelled "all aboard".
The one o'clock train pulls out of the station.
Susquehanna RDC M-1 was coupled directly behind the engine.
NS D9-40CW 9056 and another D9-40CW lead train 213.  The former CNJ/DL&W station is in the background.
NS D9-40CW 9811 leads 19G past the CNJ/DL&W Phillipsburg train station.  The 19G had six engines, but only two of the original five were running properly.
BNSF SD40u 6317, still in its ATSF blue & gold paint was the third unit.
Also in the consist was PRR SD40-2 3408.
Last but not least was NS SD60I 6748, in the NS "horse head" paint. 
Here is a photo of all the engines passing the station.
While breaking for lunch, a Bel-Del headed north.  While I did miss seeing the engine, here is the caboose.   
An old CNJ caboose at the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians site.

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