Photos taken on March 16, 2003
Motive power for Linden Yard is PRR GP38 2927 and CSX GP38-2 2814 coupled to the caboose behind the 2927.
PRR GP40-2 3026 is currently asigned to Port Newark Yard.
CSX GP38-2 2788.
Moving cars around is CSX SD40-2 8817.
CSX SD40-2 8886 (an ex-Conrail SD45-2) and PRR SD45-2 1701 are about to cross Delancey Street enroute to Brills Yard to pick up cars.
Photo of PRR SD45-2 1701.
A trio of Conrail engines idle at Oak Island Yard with PRR SD40-2 3426 in the front.
Croxton Yard local H14 leaves the New Yard and will cross into Croxton Yard.
CSX 8-40CW 7811 leads a power move on the Northern Branch in Secaucus.
Helm Leasing Corporation SD45 6504 was the second unit.
Last, but not least, CSX 8-40C 7623.
CSX 8-40C 7510 leads a mixed freight on the Northern Branch in Secaucus.
The third engine was SW1001 1123.
CSX SD40-2 8126 sits at North Bergen awaiting its next assignment.
Also at North Bergen was CSX SD40-2 8539.
New York Susquehanna & Western GP18 1802 is pushing a group of autoracks south in Secaucus.
A CSX auto parts train comes off the National Docks Branch onto the Northern Branch with a pair of 8-40CWs.