July and August 2004 photos around northern New Jersey.
Croxton Yard local H14 prepares to cross New County Road with PRR GP38-2 5299 and SW1001 2100.
CSX Q191 heads south on the P&H passing over Avenue I.
Leading Q191 that day was SD70MAC 4725.
The second unit was also a SD70MAC.
Croxton Yard local H14 on the P&H returning to Croxton Yard from Oak Island with GP38-2 5345. 
Another photo of the H14 returning to Croxton Yard.  The train is crossing St. Pauls Avenue. 
At 69th Street in North Bergen, as CSX train heads south on the River Line with CSX SD50 8580 leading. 
Was able to get ahead of the train at Avenue I as the train continued to roll south on the P&H.
PRR GP40-2 3026 awaits its next assignment at Port Newark Yard.
Motive power used by Browns Yard local SA22 during the latter part of July was PRR SD45-2 1701 & CSX 8-40CW 7315.  Here is the 1701 as the SA22 moves cars around in the yard on August 2, 2004.
Here's a photo of CSX 8-40CW 7315, still in Conrail paint, which was also being used by the SA22.
A CSX mixed freight on the Trenton Line in Manville heading toward the Shared Assets Lehigh Line on August 17, 2004 with SD60I 8750 leading four other engines.
CSX C39-8 7487 is ex-CR 6019.
Helm Leasing Corporation SD40-2 6304.
Helm Leasing Corporation SD40-2 6303.
CSX AC44 653 was the final engine.
Later that morning, CSX K276 passes through Westfield with SD60I 8730, in CSX's new paint scheme.
Early that afternoon, CSX K276 is headed north on the P&H in Newark.

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