Northern New Jersey photos during November and December 2004.
On a damp and overcast November 21 2004 day, NS SD45-2 1704 brings its train into Browns Yard
After the train led by NS SD45-2 1704 is parked, CSX GP40-2 4425 brings some empty cars into the yard.
On December 2, 2004 the PR52 rolls through Elizabeth with PRR SD40-2 3429 leading another former Conrail unit.
After the PR52 passed by, the SA42 rolls by with NS SD40-2 3446 and NS SD45-2 1702 for power.
A second photo of the train.
A photo of NS SD45-2 1702.
A second photo of the engines rolling by on this ex-CNJ trackage.
At Port Reading, the PR52 is waiting for a crew to bring the train into the yard.
Another photo of PRR SD40-2 3429 and CSX SD40-2 8817.
On December 4, 2004, the SA42 awaits to enter Browns Yard with NS SD45-2 1702 leading.
While the SA42 waits to enter the yard, another crew moves cars around with CSX GP40-2s 4441 & 4425.
On December 24, 2004, the SA42 heads south through Elizabeth with NS SD45-2 1702 leading.
The second engine was CSX SD40-2 8801.
Being brought down to Browns Yard for use on the local trains is NS GP38-2 5282, which was used by the SA31 on the Southern Secondary only a few days later.
The SA42 approaching the remnants of an ex-CNJ signal bridge.
The SA42 passing through Woodbridge Avenue.
The SA42 passing through South Amboy on the wide former PRR ROW.  Photo taken from the ex-Raritan River Railroad bridge across the PRR.
Final photo of the SA42 as they approach Browns Yard.
As the train slowed down, I noticed this ex-PRR mile marker still standing.  
Another crew was also working that morning.  CSX GP40-2 4425 and SD45-2 8974 are moving cars around in the yard.

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