February and March 2005 photos
On February 5th, NS train 214 was routed via the Port Reading Secondary with UP SD70M 3851 leading CSX 8-40CW 7727.  This photo is from South Plainfield.
Photo of CSX 8-40CW 7727.
At Port Reading, Port Reading local JR1 goes to pick up cars left for them by the PR52.  PRR GP38-2 5270 is still wearing its Conrail Quality paint.
The other engine was NS GP38-2 5278.
The engines  are heading to the cars on this ex-CNJ trackage.
A photo of the engines passing the remnants of a CNJ signal bridge.
The engines have coupled to their train and will bring it into the yard.
NS 214 comes off the Port Reading Secondary and onto the Chemical Coast.
A photo of Union Pacific SD70M 3851.
A photo of both UP SD70M 3851 and CSX 8-40CW 7727.  (This and above two photo's location used with permission.)
On March 13th, the SA91 brings its train into Browns Yard with CSX SD45-2 8973 and NS SD40-2 3446.
A westbound Acela train flies through North Elizabeth with power car 2028 leading.

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