Philadelphia area photos during October 2004.
A Conrail bay window caboose at Morrisville Yard.
NS SD60I 6749 still wearing its Conrail paint.
NS 8-40CW 8461, an ex-LMS unit with its former LMS markings removed.
In the Bristol Industrial Park, Penn Rail Lines NW2 81 is seen switching a customer as the engine moves boxcars around. 
Conrail Shared Assets local FJ10 sits in a siding in Bristol as a Philadelphia bound Septa M.U. set passes by. 
CSX GP38-2 2814 was the engine consistently used by the FJ10 during the fall.
At 30th Street station is Amtrak P32-8 514.
Not the best photo angle obviously, but this is not something one sees everyday.  Along East Oregon Avenue  CSX MP15AC 1156 awaits its next assignment.  (Note the February 2005 Railpace has a photo of MP15AC 1137 along Delaware Avenue on page 14.)
NS D9-40C 8820 leads BNSF D9-44CW 4564 with an engine move at Pavonia Yard.
Photo of BNSF D9-44CW 4564.
At the engine area is CSX SD40-2 8464, coupled to a BNSF ex-BN unit.
NS GP38-2 5279, still in its Conrail Quality paint, leads another engine move.  This move has all "Conrail" engines.
The second engine was CSX SD45-2 8973.
The final unit was CSX SD40-2 8826.
On October 30, 2004, Amtrak P42DC 17 leads an eastbound Keystone train under the signal bridge at Narberth.
Same train as above, but in this photo the train is approaching the station.
On the CSX main line in Holmes, SD70MAC 4744 leads an eastbound mixed freight.  
CSX SD60I 8748 was the second engine.  Both units are in CSX's YN3 paint.

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