Welcome to the Modeler's Workbench! My goal here is to provide a place where I can share my hobby of model railroading and it's various projects with fellow modelers. At this site you will find pictures of my layout, current modeling projects and my perspective on model railroad operations. Hopefully you will find this site entertaining and informative enough to inspire you in our great hobby. Take a look around you may find something you like!


Central Sierra Railroad Company

Info regarding my HO scale model railroad

flashingbarricadeThe DS's Office


My take on model railroad operations (NOT ACTIVE, YET). I am in the process of refining my car-forwarding system using car cards much like the ones put out by Old Line Graphics. I am also considering using Track Warrants. More on this later...


On The Workbench

A brief glance of current projects on the workbench or check out what is in the Paint Shop.