Scott Schifer

Occupation: Principal Electrical Engineer, Raytheon Company

Education: BSEE, California State University Long Beach.

Currently I am working as a hardware design engineer for the Battle Control System for the US Air Force at Raytheon Company.

I have spent 14 years working on the Enhanced Position Location System for the US Army at Raytheon Company.
Right now I am coding an existing multi card design into an FPGA using VHDL for the EPLRS
mobile network radio. The primary goals are to redesign the product with commercial off the
shelf components to drastically cut cost and to increase producibility.

In the past I have worked on the design and support 1750A based microprocessors for the
F15 APG-63 and APG-70 radars as well as the F/A-18 APG-73 radar system at
Raytheon Company. in El Segundo California.

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