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rrxing.gif (5872 bytes)  We are new to this, train chasing, that is.  Little did we know how interesting and challenging rail fanning could be.  Gail and I, partners in this activity, grew up just below the entry into the Cajon Pass  when steam was still running, when there were still chicken ranches and even the scent of orange blossoms, both of which our families owned and operated.

If we only knew then what we know now, we'd have pictures galore of all those, now long gone, steamers.  But alas, we were only kids and didn't understand their future historical significance.

Anyway, we are here now, learning the jargon and having a ball...you can do the same.  

Come on in and look around.  We've posted pictures from our favorite train viewing sites, a railroad glossary,  a page showing some recent and upcoming special events and URLs, railroad related sites 2/19/01 , a "Maintenance of Way" page, and Local Stations. 6/03/01

And, most important to remember, lookolianimation.gif (40468 bytes) both directions when crossing track, especially areas that are double-tracked.  

Your ideas, comments and suggestions are welcomed, just drop a line to the Station Masters

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