Some Burlington Northern B Units

BN 4106 was built in October 1983.  It was retired but I don't know the actual date, somewhere around 2003.  If anyone knows for sure, let me know.

The model was started in 2003 but not completed until a child and two moves later in 2007.  It is a Rail Power B23-7 shell.  It has a Smokey Valley high hood and utility cab.  The sideframes and dynamic brake box are from Details Associates.  The frame and drive are Athearn with a Digitrax decoder.  I didn't put lights in it since it always trails. 


BN 4077 was built in September 1983 and, like the 4106, retired from the BN around 2003.  Its construction also follows a similar path as the 4106, they were started about the same time but 4077 wasn't finished until  2008.  I think the sideframes on 4077 are from RailPower.  The detail isn't as fine but they are a little more accurate in what details are there.  It is weathered with a wash of Floquil and light overspray of rail brown then gray on the trucks.



Unlike the B30-7As above, the 7502 used to have a cab. BN 7502 was originally built as BN6352 in March of 1973. Later it was renumbered to BN6812. It was wrecked and rebuilt in 1984 as a cabless SD40-2B. The dynamic brakes were moved from their usual location to the former cab area. The model had its dynamic section replaced with a non-dynamic section. The dynamic piece had the turbo stack removed and it was shortend slightly and reversed end for end to fit atop a scratchbuilt high hood made from a Cannon and Co hood end and a couple doors. The brake lever is leftover from a Cannon nose kit. I painted the model as the prototype would have appeared about the time of the BNSF merger. In the photo I used as reference, the hoods looked freshly painted and the underframe was only slightly dusty.


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