BN 9568

I have wanted a model of a SD70MAC since the first time I saw one in Nebraska in 1994.   I even went so far as to start to build one from a SD70M.  Unfortunately, I started that right before Kato announced they were making one.  Then Athearn made one.  My converted one is still not finished.  This started off as BN 9526 but when I was comparing photos I noticed 9526 is from BN's third order of SD70MACs but came with the newer squarer fuel tank.  Even though 9568 is from a later order it has the earlier, rounder fuel tank, the same as Athearn's  model.  So changing the number makes the details more correct.  I also added some pilot detail, MU hoses and  lift bars.  On the front a Details West plow and on the rear spare knuckle holders.  I tinted the windows with Tamiya "Smoke".  The weathering is a wash of Floquil, a little airbrushing and it is all sealed with a 50/50 mix of Dullcote and Glosscote.

Here is a shot of 9568 next to a fresh out of the box sibling.

Here is a photo of it on my Freemo module.