The Railfan Gallery is for the most part segmented in a rather loose geographic manner.  For example, the “Berea” section also includes areas of interest in Olmsted Falls, the next suburb west of Berea. This site will concentrate on major hot spot locations that are relatively easy to find and access.  There is also some information regarding the lesser known spots nearby.  In some cases links to Google Maps are provided to assist in locating the venues discussed.   The “Resources” page features links to railroad or railfan related web sites as well as info on cameras, scanners, and more.   Disclaimer:  The locations discussed here are presented for informational purposes only.  Visit at your own risk.  The author of this web site accepts no responsibility for accident or injury to any person or persons who visit any of the locations featured on The Railfan Gallery site. Please direct any questions or comments to the Webmaster. This site does not collect, retain, or sell any email addresses or personal info. See over 1,000 of my railfanning photographs at ABOUT THIS SITE The Railfan Gallery and it’s contents including photographs © 2015 Rich Kaminsky  All rights reserved. ABOUT RAILFAN SAFETY AND COURTESY Please stay well away from the tracks, and pay constant attention to your surroundings.  Diesel locomotives are sneaky quiet, and you may not hear an approaching train until it is very near to you.  An unsecured tie down cable or chain or a piece of a broken brake shoe can do serious damage if it strikes you. Be extremely mindful of small children, and DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO PLAY ON OR NEAR THE TRACKS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!  When the youngsters are along it is best to limit your choice of railfanning spots to safe, easy to find, family friendly locations. Never venture alone into areas where you and your belongings may be considered prey by some of the less savoury members of society.  No railfanning spot is worth visiting if you put yourself in jeopardy by being there.  Why risk being mugged and/or robbed? Be courteous and respect other railfans and visitors with whom you are sharing a location.  Do not play loud music, use vulgar or profane language, or walk into the sight line of folks taking pictures or videos.  Most veteran railfans are friendly and will happily answer your questions and share info with you provided you conduct yourself in a mature and safe fashion. AROUND OHIO There are more than 30 freight railroads operating on over 5,000 miles of track in the state of Ohio. A considerable portion of this track is located in northern Ohio along a fairly broad path between Toledo & Cleveland, and then northeast toward Buffalo N.Y. and southeast toward Pittsburgh, Pa.  CSX and Norfolk Southern each have several good sized rail yards in northern Ohio.