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Cajon's Blue Cut:   7/15/00  

Santa Fe War Bonnet at Blue Cut  Southbound Santa Fe War Bonnet at Blue Cut  97758_06.jpg (95670 bytes)  

-top left: Northbound Santa Fe War Bonnet at Blue Cut. -top middle: BNSF on south track parallel to the old Cajon Blvd. -top right: BNSF coming up the Pass from Keenbrook, meeting a UP at Bluecut in July 98. 

-below left: UP 5999 heading down the Pass in July 98. -below right: LMX charging up the Pass at Blue Cut.

97758_04.jpg (99688 bytes)  80395_17.jpg (84009 bytes)  

Cajon's Swarthout Canyon:    7/15/00

94683_13.jpg (74408 bytes)  Santa Fe Locomotive at Cajon's Cozy Dell Campground  Santa Fe southbound at Swarthout Canyon Rd.  

-top left: Coming up to the crossing at Swarthout Canyon Road (may98) -top middle: Santa Fe on south track near the old Cozy Dell Campground.  -top-right:  Santa Fe southbound at the Swarthout Canyon road crossing. 

-below left: Northbound Union Pacific at milepost 64.7 with Bluecut area and old Cajon Blvd in backround.  -below middle: BNSF coming around the curve into the Swarthout Road crossing with Cozy Dell to the right. (May 2000). -below right: Cozy Dell Campground to the right and down the embankment.

Union Pacific Locomotive at milepost 64.7   77367_15.jpg (70517 bytes)  94683_09.jpg (80984 bytes)

80395_00.jpg (84426 bytes) 

-above left: Around the curve near the old Cozy Dell campground (Apr. 98)

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