Cajon Station Pix

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Cajon Station:

Santa Fe northbound to Sullivan's Curve.  Mixed manifest & tank train at Cajon Station  lmx8585Cajon_Apr98.JPG (68736 bytes)  up5884.JPG (66188 bytes)

-top left: Santa Fe northbound approaching Sullivan's Curve.  Southern Pacific's Palmdale cutoff above, in the background. -second from the left: Mixed manifest, on south track, approaching Cajon Station area, while a double stack heads up the north track towards Sullivan's Curve. -third from the left: LMX8585 engine at Cajon Station.  -top right: UP5884 entering Cajon Station area.

-bottom: 2 hours of morning action just below Cajon Station complete with a meet.    10/22/00

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above: same morning, same place, AMTRAK interjects its presence and another meet.    10/22/00

below:  again at the same place and time, the SP track above Cajon Station fires up, while the traffic on the BNSF tracks continues.    10/22/00

28458_08.JPG (53555 bytes)


Cajon's Sullivan's Curve:

Santa Fe heading down on from Sullivan's Curve  Charging up  the "Curve" from Cajon Station

-above left: Santa Fe coming south on the north track out of Sullivan's Curve.   -above right: Charging up into the "Curve" from Cajon Station. -below UP's E9 at top of Sullivan's curve, descending the 3% grade to Cajon Station (photo by Al Bowen).

UP's E9 at top of Sullivan's curve