Los Angeles Angels Flight

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Angel's Flight was originally built in 1901 to traverse the 600 foot hill between Bunker Street and the affluent Bunker Hill area.  It was removed from service in 1968 with a promise that it would be restored someday.  In 1995, the City of Los Angeles kept it's promise after  27 years and started the restoration process.  Now, completed in 1996, it's called Angel's Flight Railway. For 25 cents a ride, the newly-restored Angels Flight connects Downtown L.A.'s historic core, (and the nearby Broadway retail district and the Grand Central Market), with the modern financial district atop the hill, ending at the California Plaza Watercourt, featuring shops, restaurants and a public live entertainment space accentuated by fascinating water-jet displays. The Museum of Contemporary Art is also nearby.

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Above, left- a view from within one of the 2 counter-balanced trams that simultaneously traverse the tracks.  Above, middle-  a car coming up.  Above, right- looking up to the restored building that contained the original cable drive mechanisms.

Below, left- The interior of one of the cars. Below, middle- this one of the sweetest people you'd ever want to meet.  She sells the tickets and has a wonderful sense of humor.  Below, right- A view of the tracks showing the track separation allowing the passing trams to be on the track simultaneously. 

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Below, left- down to the lower station.  Below, right- the 2 cars, named Olivet and Sinai, are about to pass each other at the track separation point.  Below, right is another view of the top terminal--wonderful color.

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