Layout Construction

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As we are building the physical layout, we'll show work-in-progress photos here.

This layout will be built to fit into unused wardrobe which is 8 feet 3 inches by 3 feet .  The table top will be constructed with 3/8 inch thick foam core with foam core braces, joists, sides and ends for strength.  The whole foam core structure will sit upon a 3/4 inch thick wood open-lattice super structure attached to the wardrobe walls. This layout will incorporate an existing 24"x38" plaster casting manufactured by Stoney Mountain Plaster Casting Co. of Castaic, CA.  It will make up that portion of the layout known as Mountain Top Junction.

casting.JPG (52688 bytes)         casting2.JPG (29586 bytes)         casting3.JPG (33255 bytes)

2 - 3/8" x 40" x 60" high density foam core sheets have been purchased.

An operating layout test bed was built to get an idea about how well the foam core would work, especially how well the tracks could be attached.  And also to try out the chosen landscape approach.