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Here we'll show the design and plans as they progress, including a list of the major buildings, bridges to be constructed from scratch or from kits and the planned control systems. 10/24/99

 cadrail.jpg (327933 bytes) In Progress Design, Version 14

CADRail 7.02 is being used as the design tool for the Stone Basin & Mountain Top Junction Railroad. An Annotated Design layout with "hotspots" is also viewable. 10/24/99

Design Stats:


Length Width

9.9 scale acres

1320 scale feet 480 scale feet
  8 feet 3 inches 3 feet
Trackage Planned Inches of Track in Plan Scale Feet
Mainline + Industrial Yard & Sidings 796 10613
Stone basin's High Line Loop 128 1707
Mountain Top Junction's Loop 121 1613
Other Layout Elements Count  
Turnouts 21  
Tunnels 5  
Bridges/Trestles 10  

Structure list and Status:
Mfgr's. Kit Name Mfgr Used in Layout as: Placement Status
Interstate Fuel & Oil Walthers Stone Basin Fuel Distr. Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard Bought
Interstate Freight Terminal Model Power Stone Basin Small Freight Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard Built
Shady Junction Structures Walthers Water Tower Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard Bought
Water Crane Bought
Interlocking Tower Bought
Crossing Shanty Main line Steam Siding Bought
Loco Shed, 2 stalls Pola Stone Basin Yard Loco Service Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard Bought
Container Transfer Heljan Over-track Crane Mtn. Top Junction-Saw Mill Siding Bought
Freight House Gloor-Craft Models Saw Mill Lumber loading Mtn. Top Junction Area, siding saw mill Planned
Factory Bachmann   Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard Built
Old Timer Loco Shed, 1 stall Pola Mtn Top Junction Loco Storage Mtn. Top Junction Area Built
O.L.King Coal yard Walthers Stone Basin Coal Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard Built
Boiler House Pola Coal-fired Steam Electrical Power House Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard Built
Gas Station Micro Engineering Stone Basin Service Stone Basin Downtown Area Built
Freight Depot w/Crane Pola Freight Depot w/Crane Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard Built
Wayside Station Model power Mtn. Top Junction Passenger Station Mtn. Top Junction Area Built
Passenger Station Bachmann Plus Main Stone Basin Passenger Station Stone Basin Downtown Area Bought
Coaling Station Bachmann Coaling Station Main line Steam Siding Built
Saw Mill Model power Saw Mill Mtn. Top Junction Area Built
Dill's Market Laserkit Local market Mtn. Top Junction Township Bought
Poor Boy Mine Micro Engineering Stone Mtn. Mine Hills above Stone basin Bought
Railroad Hotel Building Pix Model power Stone Basin Hotel Stone basin Downtown Area Bought
Water Tower Model power Water Tower Main line Steam Siding Bought
Sand Depot Pola Sanding Depot Main line Steam Siding Planned
William's Country Store Life-Like Trains General Store Stone basin Downtown Area Planned
McHugh's Hardware Store Period Miniatures Hardware and Small Equipment Dealer Stone basin Downtown Area Planned
Farmhouse Double Kit Heljan Saw Mill Worker's houses Mtn. Top Junction Township Planned
Sonny's Shack LASERkit Township buildings Planned
Watchman's Shanty Gloor-Craft Models Planned
Watson's Siding JV Models Planned

Digital Command Control System:
Empire Builder, plus extras:         empbldr.jpg (36658 bytes)

1- DB150 Command Station/Booster With Intelligent AutoReverse 
1- PS515 Power Supply by Digitrax
3- DT100IR Advanced LocoNet Throttle (Infra ready)
1- PM4 Digitrax Power Management System
1- BDL16 LocoNet Advanced Block Occupancy Detection
5- Digitrax Premium Decoders 
5- LT1 LocoNet Cables
1- Decoder Test Kit

ViCAM Video Camera Equipment:  

The parallel port interface with printer-pass-through, (up to 40 frames per
second) operates on Windows NT in addition to Windows 3.1, 95, 98 & 2000. The ViCAM features high quality, resolutions from 128x96 up to 1280x960, low-light NIGHT VISION capabilities, changeable lenses with optional Lens Pack, standard tripod mount, and manual tilt and swivel. The standard lens is a 6.5mm focal length, F:2.0 aperature, and a field of view of 36"h x 30"w x52"d.

The Lens Pack includes 1 each of the following:  

The ViCAM is ideal for desktop video conferencing, picture and video
e-mail, web-site enhancement, and picture and video capture. In addition
to the included TWAIN and VFW drivers that make the ViCAM
compatible with countless existing programs, we've bundled some of the
best software we could find to provide the best camera package you can
buy for your computer. 

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