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As the building structures are planned, purchased and built and prior to their placement on the physical layout, we'll show them here. Where the structures have not been built, I'm showing a catalog picture.  Once built, I'm currently using my Olympia camera at its minimum focal length and a portrait setting to take these pictures. I want to get closer, so I have a ViCAM Video camera, from Vista Imaging, in order to get instant digital images.  It has a super close-up lens, so I'll be able to get right down on the track.  This camera is planned to provide online videos and stills for this website. 10/24/99

One of the 2 engine houses planned for the layout, located on a siding above Mountain Top Junction.
Mfgr's. Kit Name Mfgr Used in Layout as: Placement
Old Timer Loco Shed, 1 stall Pola Mtn Top Junction Loco Storage Mtn. Top Junction Area

enginehouse.JPG (33970 bytes)

The second engine house.  This one is located in the Industrial Switching Yard. This has not yet worked into the design.

2-trackenginehouse.jpg (14769 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

The largest of the 3 freight depot's in the current plan.
Freight Depot w/Crane Pola Freight Depot w/Crane Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard

Freightcrane.JPG (37337 bytes)  Freighthouse2.JPG (36488 bytes)  freightcrane3.JPG (38734 bytes)

freightcrane4.JPG (31171 bytes)  freightcrane5.JPG (28423 bytes)  frieghtcrane6.JPG (35842 bytes)

This is the 2nd freight depot to be used in the Industrial Switching Yard.
Interstate Freight Terminal Model Power Stone Basin Small Freight Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard

Freight Depot to service the Saw Mill and the Mountain Top Junction area.
Freight House Gloor-Craft Models Saw Mill Lumber Products loading Mtn. Top Junction Area, siding saw mill

 freighthouse.jpg (5206 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

The only gas station located on a downtown corner.
Gas Station Micro Engineering Stone Basin Service Stone Basin Downtown Area

gasstation.JPG (25367 bytes)

Hardware and Small Equipment Store located in the downtown area.
McHugh's Hardware Store Period Miniatures Hardware and Small Equipment Dealer Stone basin Downtown Area

hardwarestore.jpg (13551 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

The main General Store for the entire area.
William's Country Store Life-Like Trains General Store Stone basin Downtown Area

generalstore.jpg (8098 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

Downtown Hotel located on a prominent corner.
Railroad Hotel Building Pix Model power Stone Basin Hotel Stone basin Downtown Area

railroadhotel.jpg (7327 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

Mountain Top Junction Township's local market.
Dill's Market Laserkit Local market Mtn. Top Junction Township

dillsmarket.jpg (14051 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

A factory located near the entrance to the industrial switching yard.
Factory Bachmann   Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard

factory1.JPG (31498 bytes)  factory2.JPG (34673 bytes)

Electrical power generator with adjacent power distribution yard (not shown,yet to be purchased).
Boiler House Pola Coal-fired Steam Electrical Power House Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard

powerstation.JPG (36125 bytes)  powerstation1.JPG (37188 bytes)  powerhouse3.JPG (30983 bytes)  powerhouse4.JPG (33777 bytes)

The area's Coal dealer.
O.L.King Coal yard Walthers Stone Basin Coal  Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard

OLKing.JPG (28067 bytes)  OLKing1.JPG (28242 bytes)  coalyard.jpg (11238 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

Fuel and Oil Distribution facility.
Interstate Fuel & Oil Walthers Stone Basin Fuel Distr. Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard

interstatefuel.jpg (9329 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

Various Industrial Switching Yard facilities.
Shady Junction Structures Walthers Water Tower Stone Basin Industrial Switching Yard
Water Crane
Interlocking Tower
Crossing Shanty Main line Steam Siding

shadyjunction.jpg (6849 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

Small Mining operation located in the mountains above the industrial switching yard.
Poor Boy Mine Micro Engineering Stone Mtn. Mine Hills above Stone basin

poorboymine.jpg (7202 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

Water powered Saw Mill and slash burner.
Saw Mill Model power Saw Mill & Slash Burner Mtn. Top Junction Area

sawmill.JPG (34411 bytes)  slashburner.jpg (7893 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

Main Passenger Station in the Downtown area.
Passenger Station Bachmann Plus Main Stone Basin Passenger Station Stone Basin Downtown Area

mainpassenerstation.jpg (9280 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

Small passenger station near saw mill.
Wayside Station Model power Mtn. Top Junction Passenger Station Mtn. Top Junction Area

passengerstation.JPG (34804 bytes)  

Some of the buildings and Saw Mill Workers houses in and around Mountain Top Junction township.
1.Farmhouse Double Kit Heljan Saw Mill Worker's houses Mtn. Top Junction Township
2.Sonny's Shack LASERkit Township buildings
3.Watchman's Shanty Gloor-Craft Models
4.Watson's Siding JV Models

1.farmhouse.jpg (7157 bytes) 2.shack.jpg (3727 bytes) 3.shanty.jpg (7019 bytes) 4.watsonsiding.jpg (8666 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Pictures)

Overhead Crane for loading lumber products from the Saw Mill.
Container Transfer Heljan Over-track Crane for lumber loading Mtn. Top Junction-Saw Mill Siding

transfercrane.jpg (4624 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Picture)

Mainline Steam siding, showing Water Tower, Sanding Depot,  and Coaling Station.
1.Water Tower Model power Water Tower Main line Steam Siding
2.Coaling Station Bachmann Coaling Station
3.Sand Depot Pola Sanding Depot

1.watertower.jpg (5142 bytes) 2.coalingstation.jpg (4842 bytes) 3.sandingdepot.jpg (14003 bytes) (Walther's Catalog Pictures)

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