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The Central Coast Railway Club has a number of books for sale. To request that books be reserved for you and brought to a meeting, please send the list of you wish to buy to Central Coast Railway Club.

If you cannot make a meeting, let us know. We will find some way to deliver books to you.

Central Coast meets the third Friday at 7:30 pm, at the Santa Clara Caltrain depot.

Books are listed on separate pages by binding, and alphabetically within a page. Recent additions are shown in boldface. Last updated 17 Jul 2022.

Perfect bound Hardcover Stapled Softcover

ISBN Title Author Price Notes
082322293-4 A Century of Subways: Celebrating 100 Years of New York's Underground Railways Brian J. Cudahy 5.00
067800753-5 A History of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Howard Douglas Dozier 5.00
A Lifetime of Service: Wayne Johnston And the Illinois Central Railroad George M Crowson 10.00
A Personal Story Jere C Hutchins 5.00
093280787-9 A history of railroading in western North Carolina Cary Franklin Poole 10.00
007032526-X American Heritage History of Railroads in America, The Oliver Ormerod Jensen 5.00
091358205-0 American Steam, Vol. 2: Locomotives of the Northeast Robert A. LeMassena 5.00 signed; numbered 309
076030003-8 American Train Depot and Roundhouse, The 5.00
087564533-X Amtrak trains and travel Patrick C. Dorin 5.00
An American Colossus a Small Town a River And a Railroad Yard Niles Michigan William Taylor 35.00 signed
082651173-2 Arthur E Stillwell: Promoter With a Hunch Keith L. Bryant 5.00
096185034-5 Atlantic Coast Line - The Diesel Years Warren L. Calloway 15.00
092543606-2 Barney & Smith Car Company: car builders, Dayton, Ohio, The Scott D. Trostel 20.00
Beauty of Railroad Bridges, The: in North America-then And Now Richard J Cook 20.00
Beginnings of the New York Central Railroad, The: A History, Frank Walker Stevens 10.00
Bent Zigzag And Crooked Arley Byers 15.00
Big Four, The Oscar Lewis 20.00
Big Four, The Oscar Lewis 5.00
096192820-4 Blizzard: The Great Storm of 88 Judd Caplovich 5.00
030004257-4 Borderland: Origins of the American Suburb, 1820-1939 John R. Stilgoe 5.00
188465003-1 Boston's Depots and Terminals: A History of Bostons Downtown and Back Railroad Stations from 1834 to Today Richard C. Barrett 10.00
081390311-4 British investment in American railways, 1834-1898 Dorothy R. Adler 5.00
978025334985-9 Built To Move Millions: Streetcar Building In Ohio Craig R. Semsel 5.00
096379654-2 CTA at 45: A History of the First 45 Years of the Chicago Transit Authority George Krambles and Arthur H. Peterson 15.00
CZ: the Story of the California Zephyr Karl R Zimmermann 5.00
089087280-5 Cable Car Book, The Smallwood, Miller, DeNevi 5.00
089745986-5 Cabooses of the Missouri Pacific Lines G. J. Michels 30.00
087108553-4 California Central Coast Railways 5.00
155046007-2 Canada Southern Country Robert D. Tennant 5.00
087564522-4 Canadian National Railway's Story, The Patrick C. Dorin 5.00
Canadian National Railways Volume 1 G. R. Stevens 10.00
091913028-3 Canadian National's Western Depots : The Country Stations In Western Canada Charles W. Bohi 5.00
978086492878-8 Canadian Pacific Barry Lane 10.00
091913032-1 Canadian Pacific Diesel Locomotives: The History of a Motive Power Revolution Murray W. Dean and David B. Hanna 35.00
077350674-8 Canadian Pacific Railway and the Development of Western Canada, 1896-1914, The John A. Eagle 5.00
091913034-8 Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives Omer Lavallée 75.00
094203525-9 Canadian Pacific's Western Depots: the Country Stations in Western Canada Charles W. Bohi and Leslie S. Kozm 20.00 signed by Kozma
Canadian Steam David P Morgan 5.00
Catenary Through the Counties: the Story of the Montreal & Southern Counties Anthony Clegg, Omer Lavallée 10.00
156715054-3 Central New England Railway Story Volume 2, The R. W. Nimke 255.00 signed
156715054-3 Central New England Railway Story Volume 3, The R. W. Nimke 255.00 signed
Central Pacific & The Southern Pacific Railroads, The Lucius Beebe 5.00
091683819-6 Champlain to Chesapeake: A Canal Era Pictorial Cruise William J. McKelvey 5.00
082890173-2 Change at Park Street Under : The Story of Boston's Subways Brian J. Cudahy 5.00
093948721-7 Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliners: Second to None, Vol. 1 James Kemper Millard 5.00
093948728-4 Chesapeake And Ohio Coal And Color Eugene L. Huddleston 10.00
087564537-2 Chesapeake And Ohio Railway, George Washington's Railroad, The Patrick C. Dorin 5.00
093948725-X Chesapeake and Ohio Freight Cars 1937 to 1965 Volume One Hopper and Gondola Cars Alfred L Kresse 5.00
Chicago And Northwestern in Minnesota, The John C Luecke 45.00 signed; numbered 31 of 1050
081391222-9 Claudius Crozet: French Engineer in America, 1790-1864 Robert F. Hunter; Edwin L., Jr. Dooley 5.00
087338548-9 Cleveland's Transit Vehicles: Equipment and Technology (Ohio) James A Toman and Blaine S Hays 5.00
Collis Potter Huntington Volume 1 Evans 10.00
080610977-7 Colonel Morgan Jones: Grand Old Man Of Texas Railroading Vernon Gladden Spence 5.00
Colorado Midland Morris Cafky 160.00 signed; number 3129-6000
Colorado Road, The : History Motive Power and Equipment of the Colorado and Southern and Fort Worth and Denver Railways F Hol Wagner 30.00
091637498-X Conrail Motive Power Review, Volume 1: The First 10 Years 1976-1986 Gordon Lloyd Jr and Louis A. Marre 15.00
093422812-4 Corsicana and the Ennis Sub, SP/SSW in Texas Robert P. Olmsted 10.00
094443618-8 Dardinelle And Russellville Railroad, The William A. Pollard and Clifton E. Hull 30.00
096914092-4 Daylight Reflections Nils Huxtable 5.00
Delaware & Hudson Canal and its Gravity Railroads, The Ed Leroy 5.00 signed
093579615-0 Delaware And Northern And the Towns It Served, The Gertrude Fitch Horton 35.00
093097309-7 Delaware and Lehigh Canals Ann Bartholomew and Lance E. Metz 5.00
Denver South Park And Pacific Memorial Edition M C Poor 20.00
091930335-8 Desperate Venture: Central Ontario Railway James Plomer 5.00
091534817-9 Detroit's Street Railways, Vol. I: City Lines, 1863-1922 (CERA Bulletin 117) Jack E. Schramm and William H. Henning 5.00
087046090-0 Diesels Over Donner Richard Steinheimer, Dick Dorn 20.00
096128140-5 Diesels of the Sunrise Trail John J. Scala 20.00
088209006-3 Dividing Lines 5.00
087095094-0 Donner Pass John R Signor 10.00
E H Harriman: a Biography Volume 1 George Kennan 10.00
E H Harriman: a Biography Volume 2 George Kennan 10.00
091342311-4 Eastern Steamship David Crockett 10.00
091913033-X Edmonton's Electric Transit: The story of Edmonton's Streetcars and Trolley Buses Colin K. Hatcher and Tom Schwarzkopf 5.00
067080889-X Empire Express: Building the First Transcontinental Railroad David Hayward Bain 5.00
087004385-4 Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History Volume 4 California Donald B. Robertson 10.00
096020141-6 Energy People, The: a History of PSE&G James C. G Conniff and Richard Conniff 5.00
187888721-1 Erie Lackawanna in Color, Vol. 3: The East End Larry DeYoung 15.00
087108552-6 Evening Before the Diesel: A Pictorial History of Steam and First Generation Diesel Motive Power on the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, 1938-1961 Charles R. Foss 25.00
093205219-3 Fairy Tale Railroad: The Mohawk and Malone - From the Mohawk, through the Adirondacks to the St. Lawrence Henry A. Harter 5.00
040502480-0 Fifty Years of Rapid Transit, 1864-1917 (The Rise of Urban America) James Blaine Walker 5.00
First Steam West of the Big Muddy Byron E Guise 15.00 signed; numbered 201
First Transcontinental Railroad, The: Central Pacific Union Pacific John Debo Galloway 5.00
189561894-0 From Summit to Sea: An Illustrated History of Railroads in British Columbia and Alberta George Buck 5.00
188670104-0 From rails to roads: the history of Perley A. Thomas Car Works and Thomas Built Buses Clint Johnson 5.00
007009298-2 Future builders: the story of Michigan's Consumers Power Company George Bush 5.00
096452650-6 Ghost trains & depots of Georgia: (1833-1933) Les R. Winn 10.00
978132861867-3 Ghosts of Gold Mountain Gordon H Chang 5.00
087013406-X Grand Trunk Corporation: Canadian National Railway's in the United States: 1971-1992 Donovan L. Hofsommer 20.00
091913043-7 Grand Trunk in New England, The Jeff Holt 5.00
978078582853-2 Great American Scenic Railroads Michael Swift 5.00
092071604-0 Great Canadian North West Rail Pictorial, The J. Edward Martin 5.00
096337918-6 Great Northern Lines East Patrick C. Dorin 15.00
Great Northern Railway a Pictorial Study, The Charles Wood, Dorothy Wood 90.00
087095091-6 Great Yellow Fleet, The: A History of American Railroad Refrigerator Cars White, John H. 35.00
091534834-9 Green Line, The: The Cincinnati, Newport & Covington Railway Terry W. Lehmann and Earl W. Clark 5.00
Green Machines, The R. P. Olmsted 10.00
003016936-4 Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow Dee Brown 5.00
155046064-1 Heartland (Nebraska) Greg McDonnell 5.00
Hetch Hetchy and it’s Dam” Railroad Ted Wurm 5.00
High Iron: a Book of Trains (Bonanza) Lucius Beebe 5.00 original 1938
High Road to Promontory George Kraus 5.00
Highball Lucius Beebe 195.00 no dust jacket
040505093-3 Highways of Progress James Jerome Hill 5.00
088748071-3 History of Land Transportation in the IEEE, A: From the Age of Electricity to the Computer Age Keith Uher 5.00
051746084-X History of The Southern Pacific, The Bill Yenne 5.00
002517920-9 History of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (Railroads of America) Keith L. Bryant 5.00
091119881-4 History of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad John F. Stover 5.00
080201704-5 History of the Canadian Pacific Railway Harold Adams Innis 5.00
002567660-1 History of the Canadian Pacific Railway (Railroads of America) W. Kaye Lamb 5.00
002614980-X History of the Illinois Central Railroad (Railroads of America) John F. Stover 5.00
History of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Maury Klein 30.00
051746085-8 History of the New York Central Aaron E. Klein 5.00
087770235-7 History of the Northern Pacific Railroad, The Louis T. Renz 25.00
051746084-X History of the Southern Pacific, The Bill Yenne 5.00
Hoot Toot And Whistle : the Story of the Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington Railroad Bernard R Carmen 5.00
091534833-0 Houston North Shore Railway Charles C. Robinson and Paul L. DeVerter II 5.00
094203518-6 Hub of Burlington lines West, The: Lincoln and the Lincoln Division of the Burlington route Alfred J. J. Holck 40.00 signed
091637482-3 Illinois Terminal, the Electric Years Paul Stringham 5.00
076074952-3 Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail Colin Garratt and Max Wade-Matthews 5.00
039446569-5 Impossible Railway, The: the Building of the Canadian Pacific Pierre Berton 5.00
091982222-3 In the shadow of giants: the story of the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway Norman Helm 15.00
Indianapolis Railways Jerry Marlette 320.00 ISBN invalid on frontispeice
091354847-2 Interurban Railways of the Bay Area Paul C Trimble 15.00
Iron Horse & I II, The James Burke 20.00 signed
Iron Horse & I, The James Burke 35.00 signed
089778357-3 Iron Horse, The: An Illustrated History of Steam Locomotives Henry B. Comstock 5.00 second edition
039911120-4 Iron Wheels and Broken Men: the Railroad Barons and the Plunder of the West Richard O'Connor 5.00
023104046-6 Iron road to the West: American railroads in the 1850s John F. Stover 5.00
081282824-0 J.P. Morgan, A Biography Stanley Jackson 5.00
Kansas City Southern Route of the Southern Belle Terry Lynch, D Caileff Jr 40.00
978097618-4 Kansas City Street Cars Edward A Conrad 15.00 Bad ISBN-10 978097618-4
096123661-2 Katy power: locomotives and trains of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, 1912-1985 Joe G. Collias and Raymond B. George Jr. 10.00
087108721-9 Kite Route, The: Story of the Denver & Interurban Railroad William C. Jones and Noel T. Holley 5.00
096074442-8 Lackawanna Railroad in Northwest New Jersey, The Larry Lowenthal and William T. Greenberg Jr. 40.00
Lackawanna Story, The: the First Hundred Years of the Delaware Lackawanna And Western Railroad Robert J Casey And W A S Douglas 5.00
093344909-7 Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway, The David McLellan and Bill Warrick 15.00
083107107-9 Last Whistle, The [Ocean Shore Railroad] Jack R Wagner 5.00
080591755-1 Let's Nationalize American Transportation Now Adam E. Underwood 5.00
080182880-5 Life And Legend of Jay Gould, The Maury Klein 5.00
092543616-X Lima Route, The Scott D. Trostel 10.00
155046133-8 Lines of Country: An Atlas of Railway and Waterway History in Canada Christopher Andreae 65.00
091978336-8 Link With a Lonely Land: The Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway Michael Barnes 10.00
093085500-0 Little Jewel, The: Soo Line Railroad and the Locomotives That Made it Go Wallace W. Abbey 15.00
087745403-5 Living in the Depot: The Two-Story Railroad Station (American Land and Life Series) H. Roger Grant 5.00
Locomotive Engineers Album, A Goerge B Abdill 5.00
091358203-4 Log Trains of Southern Idaho, The: History the Railroads of Logging of Boise Jim Witherell 5.00 signed numbered 40
091920358-2 Logging As It Was: A Pictorial History Of Logging On Vancouver Island Wilmer Gold 10.00 Fourth printing
091158109-X Logging Railroads of South Carolina Thomas Fetters 5.00
Logging Railroads of the West Kramer Adams 5.00
091537006-9 Logging railroads in Skagit County: the first comprehensive history of the logging railroads in Skagit County, Washington, USA Dennis Blake Thompson 15.00
067081437-7 Lords of the Line: The Men Who Built the Canadian Pacific Railroad or The Central California Traction Company: California's Last Interurban David Cruise and Alison Griffiths 5.00
091930373-0 Lost Horizons: the story of the Rathbun Company and the Bay of Quinte Railway, its inception, its rise to prominence, a period of growth and stability, and the decline Donald M. Wilson 15.00
Louisville & Nashville Railroad 1850-1963 Kincaid Herr 20.00
091913029-1 Loyalist city streetcars: The story of street railway transit in Saint John, New Brunswick Fred F. Angus 5.00
Ma & Pa, The: a History of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad George W Hilton 5.00 third printing
080469003-0 Main Line to Oblivion : The Disintegration of New York Railroads in the Twentieth Century Robert Barry Carson 5.00
087580316-4 Main lines: rebirth of the North American railroads, 1970-2002 Richard Saunders Jr. 5.00
McCulloch's Wonder - The Story of the Kettle Valley Railway Barrie Sanford 5.00
087564528-3 Milwaukee Road East, The: America's Resourceful Railroad Patrick C. Dorin 5.00
091982262-2 Mind the doors, please: the story of Toronto and its streetcars Larry Partridge 5.00
091358221-2 Mineral Belt, The, Vol 2 David S. Digerness 15.00
087095040-1 Missabe Road, The; the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway Frank Alexander King 5.00
Mixed Train Daily Lucius Beebe 10.00
091913023-2 Montreal's electric streetcars: an illustrated history of the tramway era: 1892 to 1959 Richard M. Binns 5.00 With errata sheet
More Green Machines R. P. Olmsted 20.00
006011272-7 Moving Millions: An Inside Look At Mass Transit Stan Fischler 5.00 signed
Mule To Marta Volume One Jean Martin 15.00
091982272-X Narrow Gauge For Us: The Story of the Toronto and Nipissing Railway Cooper, Charles 5.00
091176022-9 Narrow Gauge Portrait: South Pacific Coast Bruce A. MacGregor 10.00
091176022-9 Narrow Gauge Portrait: South Pacific Coast Bruce A. MacGregor 10.00
Narrow Gauge in the Rockies Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg 5.00
087108629-8 Narrow gauge in Ohio: the Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern Railway John W. Hauck 5.00
091158146-4 Nevada County Narrow Gauge 20.00
091616001-7 New England Diesels Dave Albert and George F. Melvin 5.00 Numbered 541 of 4000
096190584-0 New England rails, 1948-1968 David R. Sweetland 5.00
096215415-6 New Haven Railroad: the final decades Scott Hartley 10.00
187888709-2 New York Central Color Photography of Ed Nowak, Book 1 Ed Nowak 5.00
187888717-3 New York Central Color Photography of Ed Nowak, Book 2 Ed Nowak 5.00 signed; Numbered 98 of 500
187888724-6 New York Central Color Photography of Ed Nowak, Book 3 Ed Nowak 10.00
187888716-5 New York Central lightning stripes: New York Central system David R. Sweetland 5.00
096190586-7 New York Central lightning stripes: New York Central system David R. Sweetland 5.00
096208446-8 New York, Ontario & Western Railway and the dairy industry in central New York State, The: milk cans, mixed trains, and motor cars Robert E. Mohowski 10.00
189719027-1 Niagara, St. Catharines & Toronto Railway: a Canadian National Electric Railways subsidiary John M. Mills 15.00
Nickel Plate Road, The: the History of a Great Railroad Taylor Hampton 15.00
187888766-1 Nickel Plate: color photography of Willis A. McCaleb Willis A. McCaleb (or Bruce K. Dicken and James M. Semon?) 30.00
No Horsecars in Paradise Douglas V Parker 5.00
188308909-3 Norfolk & Western and Virginian Railways in Color H. Reid 10.00
188308914-X Norfolk Southern Diesel Locomotives Chris R. Toth 5.00
188141104-4 Norfolk Southern, 1982-1994: motive power review Paul K. Withers and Robert G. Bowers 5.00
096185032-9 Norfolk and Western Railway: Second Generation Diesels Paul K. Withers and Robert G. Bowers 10.00
080184573-4 North American Railroad, The: Its Origin, Evolution, And Geography James E. Vance Jr. 5.00
080781941-7 North Carolina Railroad, The, 1849-1871, and the Modernization of North Carolina (Fred W Morrison Series in Southern Studies) Allen W. Trelease 5.00
187888736X Northern New England Color Guide to Freight & Passenger Equipment David R. Sweetland, Stephen Horsley 15.00
096341281-7 Northwest Own Railway, The: Spokane Portland & and Seattle Railway and Its Subsidiaries Volume 2 Walter R. Grande 15.00
068484609-8 Nothing Like It In the World Stephen E Ambrose 5.00
093344914-3 Old Maud: The Story of the Palatine, Lake Zurich & Wauconda Railroad Whitney, Richard 30.00
092071603-2 On A Streak of Lightning: Electric Railways in Canada J. Edward Martin 30.00
083176607-7 On the 8:02: an informal history of commuting by rail in America Lawrence Grow 5.00
096761252-7 On the Right Track: Some Historic Cincinnati Railroads White, John H. 5.00
091930382-X Ontario and Quebec Railway, The: A History of the Development of the Canadian Pacific System in Southern Ontario Donald M. Wilson 30.00
087422185-4 Orphan Road: The Railroad Comes to Seattle, 1853-1911 Kurt E. Armbruster 10.00
Ottawas Streetcars Bill Mckeown 10.00
091982240-1 Over the hills to Georgian Bay: a pictorial history of the Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway Niall MacKay 5.00
187888733-5 PRR: Hudson to horseshoe William D. Volkmer 5.00
025333872-7 Pennsylvania Railroad at bay, The: William Riley McKeen and the Terre Haute & Indianapolis Railroad Richard Wallis 5.00
093422813-2 Peoria Way, The Joe McMillan Robert P. Olmsted 5.00
087108660-3 Photo by McClure: the railroad, cityscape, and landscape photographs of L.C. McClure Louis Charles McClure 5.00
087095108-4 Piggyback and Containers: A History of Rail Intermodal on America's Steel Highway David J. DeBoer 10.00
097270150-8 Pittsburgh Railways: A Pictorial Journey Through the History of the Pitteburgh Railways Company (Pittsburgh Railways, 1 (of 3)) Ronald L. Beal 15.00
Prairie Oasis Don Hofsommer 10.00
0963074211-7 Prune Country Railroading Norman W Holmes 10.00
978146714986-0 Pullman: The Man, the Company, the Historical Park Kenneth J Schoon 5.00
089096437-8 Quanah route, The: a history of the Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railway Donovan L. Hofsommer 5.00
087106115-5 Quickest Route, The: the History of the Norwich And Worcester Railroad Elmer F. Farnham 5.00
091358250-6 R.G.S. Story Volume 3 - Over the Bridges...Vance Junction to Ophir Russ Collman 50.00
091358258-1 R.G.S. Story, The Volume 4: Rio Grande Southern Ophir to Rico Russ Collman and Dell McCo 35.00 triple signed
091358261-1 R.G.S. Story, The Volume 5 Rico and the Mines Dell A. McCoy 65.00 triple signed; numbered 29
091358269-7 R.G.S. Story, The Volume 8 Rio Grande Southern: Over the Bridges... Dolores to Mancos Russ Collman and W. George Cook and Dell A. McCoy 75.00
091358248-4 R.G.S. Story, The Volume 8: Over the Bridges - Ridgway to Telluride Dell McCoy 20.00 double signed
091358271-9 R.G.S. Story, The Volume 9 : Rio Grande Southern W. George Cook 70.00 triple signed; number 341
091358266-2 R.G.S. Story, The, Vol. 7; Rio Grande Southern: Dolores and McPhee Dell McCoy and W. George Cook 115.00 triple signed
091358249-2 R.G.S. Story, The, Volume 2: Rio Grande Southern: Telluride, Pandora and the Mines Above Russ Collman 15.00 double signed; numbered 220
091358263-8 R.G.S. story, The, Vol. 6 - Over the Bridges...Rico to Dolores Dell A. McCoy and Russ Collman 25.00 double signed
091038901-2 Railroad Ferries of the Hudson: And Stories of a Deckhand John Serrao andRaymond J. Baxter and Arthur G. Adams 5.00
Railroad Melons Rates And Wages: a Handbook of Railroad Information Charles Edward Russell 5.00
087745465-5 Railroad Postcards in the Age of Steam H. Roger Grant 5.00
083230248-1 Railroad Saga of Jeff Keenan, The Charles J Keenan 5.00
076072027-4 Railroad Stations, Depots & Roundhouses Michael Golay 5.00
082890318-2 Railroad That Came Out at Night, The: A Book of Railroading in and Around Boston (Shortline RR series) Frank Kyper 5.00
008036336-5 Railroading Coast To Coast Skip Farrington Jr 20.00
087049498-8 Railroads And The Character Of America, 1820-1887 James Arthur Ward 5.00
089359015-0 Railroads In New Jersey: The Formative Years John T. Cunningham 5.00
083107023-4 Railroads in the Woods John T. Labbe and Vernon Goe 5.00 fourth printing 1970
Railroads of America Frank P Donovan Jr 5.00
025333351-2 Railroads of Indiana Richard S. Simons 5.00
083107033-1 Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California – Volume 1 David E Myrick 5.00
Railroads of New Jersey Richard Hyer and John Zee 10.00
Railroads of the South, The John F Stover 20.00
Railroads of the Yosemite Valley Hank Johnston 5.00
Rails Around Gotham Paul Carleton 10.00
093350608-2 Rails Neath the Palms Robert W. Mann 5.00
Rails To the North Star: 100 Years of Railroad Evolution in Minnesota Richard Prosser 25.00
Rails in the Mother Lode Adolf Hungry Wolf 5.00
083107141-9 Rails in the Shadow of Mount Shasta John R Signor 15.00
087564531-3 Rails to Pittsburgh: steam, diesel, and electrics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania & the East, 1945-1970 W. A. Feibelman 5.00
091982231-2 Rails to the Lakes: the story of the Hamilton & Northwestern Railway Cooper, Charles 15.00
096015683-6 Rails, Rivalry, and Romance: a review of Bourbon County, Kansas, and her railroad nostalgia in words and pictures, 1864 thru 1980, including the dramatic railroad construction race to the Indian Territory border Donald D. Banwart 15.00
077480382-7 Railway King of Canada, The: Sir William Mackenzie, 1849-1923 Rae Bruce Fleming 5.00
Railway Problems William Z Ripley Phd 5.00
091978380-5 Railway Steamships of Ontario Dana William Ashdown 5.00
087108559-3 Railways Across the Andes E A Haine 5.00
091930327-7 Railways in the Niagara Peninsula: Their Development, Progress and Community Significance John N. Jackson 5.00
091930327-7 Railways in the Niagara Peninsula: Their Development, Progress and Community Significance John N. Jackson 5.00
071536022-1 Railways of Canada Robert Ferguson Legget 5.00
071536022-1 Railways of Canada Robert Ferguson Legget 5.00
007092776-6 Railways of Canada: a pictorial history Nick Mika 5.00
091913037-2 Railways of Southern Quebec Volume 1 John Derek Booth 5.00
091913039-9 Railways of Southern Quebec Volume 2 John Derek Booth 5.00
Rapid Transit in Canada J. W. Boorse Jr 10.00
087046021-8 Redwoods, Iron Horses, and the Pacific Spencer Crump 5.00
092049096-4 Ribbons of Steel: the Story of the Northern Alberta Railways Ena Schneider 5.00
091358209-3 Rio Grande ... to the Pacific! R. A. LeMassena 10.00 signed
091865458-0 Rio Grande Secret Places Volume 2: Ruby Canyon and the Desert R. C. Farewell 10.00
Rio Grande Steam Locomotives Standard Gauge Donald J. Heimburger 20.00
978140006561-5 Rival Rails: The Race to Build Americas’s Greatest Transcontinental Railroad Walter R Borneman 5.00
087108537-2 Rock Island Motive Power, 1933-1955 Lloyd E. Stagner 5.00
096000482-3 Roddis Line, The: The Roddis Lumber & Veneer Co. Railroad And The Dells & Northeastern Railway Harvey Huston 5.00
978061521407-8 Route 66 Railway Elrond Lawrence 5.00
096461340-9 Saga of the Soo Volume 2 Three Generations West: An Illustrated History of the Soo Line Railroad Company and its predecessors in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Montana John A. Gjevre 10.00
Santa Fe: the Railroad That Built An Empire James Marshall 5.00 private library stamp
091913042-9 Saskatoon's electric transit: the story of Saskatoon's streetcars and trolley buses Easten Wayman 5.00
096513641-8 Scenes along the rails John W. Hudson II and Suzanne C. Hudson 5.00
Short Line Junction Jack Wagner 10.00
087108057-5 Silver San Juan: the Rio Grande Southern Railroad Mallory Hope Ferrell 15.00
083230047-0 Simon Benson: Northwest Lumber King Alice Benson Allen 5.00
080472517-9 Slow Train To Paradise: How Dutch Investment Helped Build American Railroads Augustus J. Veenendaal 5.00
087108545-3 South Pacific Coast Bruce A. MacGregor 5.00
South Pacific Coast Bruce A. MacGregor 10.00
089096246-4 Southern Pacific 1901-1985, The Don L Hofsommer 5.00
193001302-7 Southern Pacific's Shasta Division: Over A Century Of Railroading In The Shadow Of Mt. Shasta John R. Signor 35.00
096337913-5 Southern Pacific’s Coast Line John R Signor 10.00
080781636-1 Southern Railway, The: Road Of The Innovators Burke Davis 5.00
096246740-5 Splendor sailed the Sound: the New Haven Railroad and the Fall River Line George H Foster 5.00
Spokane Portland & Seattle Railway Cabooses Paul T Hobbs 15.00
091637479-3 St. Louis Street Car Story, The Andrew D. Young 15.00
091865476-9 Stairway To The Stars: Colorado's Argentine Central Railway Dan Abbott 55.00
091913025-9 Stampede City Street Cars: the Story of the Calgary Municipal Railway Colin K. Hatcher 5.00
087004219-X Stations West, The Story of the Oregon Railways Edwin D. Culp 5.00
087108097-4 Steam Locomotives of the Frisco Line Lloyd E. Stagner 5.00
096596170-2 Steam Locomotives of the New York Central Lines Volume One Part One And Two William D. Edson and Edward L. May and H. L. Vai 10.00
096699012-9 Steam Whistles In The Piney Woods: A History Of The Sawmills And Logging Railroads Of Forrest And Lamar Counties, Mississippi Gilbert H. Hoffman 70.00
091982221-5 Steam trains to the Bruce Ralph Beaumont 40.00
Steamcars To the Comstock Lucius Beebe And Charles Clegg 5.00
096154670-0 Steel Rails & Silver Dreams: A History Of The Dolly Varden Mines And The Narrow Gauge Dolly Varden Mines Railway Darryl E. Muralt 10.00
Steel Rails to Victory Ron Ziel 5.00
025334515-4 Steel Trails Of Hawkeyeland: Iowa's Railroad Experience Donovan L. Hofsommer 5.00
Steel Trails To Santa Fe L. L. Waters 15.00
Steel Trails and Iron Horses: a Pageant of American Railroading Lamont Buchanan 5.00
Steelways of New England Alvin F Harlow 5.00
087108693-X Steinbeck Country Narrow Gauge Horace W. Fabing and Rick Hamman 5.00
Story of the Baltimore And Ohio Railroad 1827-1927, The, Volume 1 Edward Hungerford 55.00
Story of the Baltimore And Ohio Railroad 1827-1927, The, Volume 2 Edward Hungerford 55.00
088418006-9 Story of the Santa Fe, The: an account of the origin and development of one of the world's greatest railroads Glenn D. Bradley 5.00
Strategy of Great Railroads, The Frank H Spearman 30.00 private library stamp
093422805-1 Streator Connection, The: Where Conrail Meets The Santa Fe Robert P. Olmsted 10.00
097095088-6 Tehachapi John R Signor 5.00
Texas Railroads Charles P Zlatkovich 25.00
They Built the West Glenn Chesney Quiett 10.00
This Was Railroading George B Abdill 10.00
Thunder Lake Narrow Gauge Harvey Huston 10.00
096627360-5 Titanic Railroad: The Southern New England: The Story Of New England's Last Great Railroad War Larry Lowenthal 10.00
091571316-0 To Seattle by trolley: the story of the Seattle-Everett Interurban and the trolley that went to sea Warren W. Wing 5.00
092142906-1 Toronto Civic Railways, The: An Illustrated History J. William Hood 5.00
091637448-3 Tracks, Tires & Wires 5.00
088894399-7 Trail Of Iron: The CPR And The Birth Of The West, 1880-1930 William Carey McKeeand and Georgeen Klassen 5.00
091358262-X Trails Among the Columbine: the D & RG's Calumet Branch and the Turret Mining Area Dick Dixon 25.00
155054153-6 Train country: an illustrated history of Canadian National Railways Donald MacKay 5.00
155017021-X Transit in British Columbia: The First Hundred Years Brian Kelly and Daniel Francis 5.00
Transportation Frontier, The Oscar Winther 15.00
093411827-2 Triumph V - Philadelphia to New York 1830 - 2002 David, W. Messer and Charles S. Roberts 25.00 signed
093411828-0 Triumph VI: Pioneer and Challenger, the Titanic Struggle for the Ohio River and Maryland that Kindled the Creation of a Vast Superpower (Triumph, VI) David, W. Messer and Charles S. Roberts 15.00 signed
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091982257-6 Two Divisions to Bluewater: the story of the CNR to the Bruce Peter Bowers 10.00
082890352-2 Under the Sidewalks of New York: The Story of the Greatest Subway System in the World Brian J. Cudahy 5.00
038517728-3 Union Pacific Maury Klein 5.00
096185038-8 Union Pacific - 1990 George R. Cockle 5.00
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040505082-8 Union Pacific Railway: A Study in Railway Politics, History, and Economics (Big Business) John P. Davis 90.00
038517735-6 Union Pacific Volume 2 Maury Klein 5.00
187888744-0 Union Pacific steam, in color: an Eastern District pictorial Lloyd E. Stagner 10.00
Unique New York & Long Branch, The Don Wood 10.00
155046021-8 United States Military Railway Service Don Denevi and Bob Hall 5.00
082890248-8 Up-country Line, The : Boston, Concord & Montreal RR to the New Hampshire Lakes and White Mountains (sgp Shortline RR Series) Edgar Thorn Mead 5.00
080153118-7 Uptown/Downtown: A Trip Through Time on New York's Subways Stan Fischler 5.00
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093879401-9 Wendover, Acme, and Virginia Point: a contemporary look at the Colorado and Southern & Fort Worth and Denver Stephen M. Reeves 50.00 signed; numbered 111
188308968-9 West Virginia's Coal & Coke Railway: a B & O predecessor Alan R. Clarke 25.00
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Western Maryland Railway Story, The Harold a Williams 15.00
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080927911-8 White Plume, The: a pictorial representation of the steam locomotive (Regency) Charles Bowman 5.00
080927911-8 White Plume, The: a pictorial representation of the steam locomotive (Regency) Charles Bowman 5.00
091913031-3 Winnipeg's Electric Transit: the story of Winnipeg's streetcars and trolley busses John E Baker 5.00
091982274-6 Witts, The: An Affectionate Look At Toronto's Original Red Rockets Larry Partridge 10.00