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The Central Coast Railway Club has a number of books for sale. To request that books be reserved for you and brought to a meeting, please send the list of you wish to buy to Central Coast Railway Club.

If you cannot make a meeting, let us know. We will find some way to deliver books to you.

Central Coast meets the third Friday at 7:30 pm, at the Santa Clara Caltrain depot.

Books are listed on separate pages by binding, and alphabetically within a page. Recent additions are shown in boldface. Last updated 17 Jul 2022.

Perfect bound Hardcover Stapled Softcover

ISBN Title Author Price Notes
092119132-4 A History of the Newfoundland Railway Volume One (1881-1923) A. R. Penney 5.00
A Pictorial Review of the Milwaukee Road, Volume 1 Gardner 10.00
A Railfans Guide To Washington State Donald Dietrich 5.00
Adirondack Vistas Ed Gardner 5.00
088954247-3 Algoma Eastern Railway Norman Helm 10.00
Along the Lackawanna Railroad Edward F Gardner 5.00
094528400-4 Along the White Pass High Iron J. D. True 5.00
Altoona And Logan Valley 1882-1954 Benson W Rohrbeck 5.00
Baltimore And Ohio Railroad: Stations And Towers Along Niagara Division William Fries 5.00
096577292-6 Boston And Lowell Railroad Thornton Waite 10.00
Boston And Maine Railroad Francis Bc Bradlee 5.00
Building the Clinchfield: a Construction History of America's Most Unusual Railroad James a Goforth 5.00
Burlington Northern 1977-80 Annual F Hol Wagner 5.00
Burlington Northern Railroad in 1993, The Herbert W Blake 15.00
Butte Short Line, The: the Construction Era 1888-1929 Bill & Jan Taylor 5.00
146712417-6 California’s Capitol Corridor Matthew Gerald Vurek 5.00
096974154-5 Canadian Rail Passenger Review Number 1 Douglas N. W., Smith, Ian, Stuart, Tommy Smith 5.00
092035600-1 Capturing the Horizon: the historical geography of transportation since the transportation revolution of the sixteenth century Dale Wilson 10.00
Central Railroad of New Jersey's first 100 years, 1849-1949: a historical survey, The Robert C. Del Grosso 10.00
Central Railroad of New Jersey: a Pictorial Review Edward F Gardner 10.00 spiral-bound
094202553-4 Chesapeake & Ohio Greenbrier Type 4-8-4 Locomotives 10.00
188308801-8 Chili Line: the Narrow Rail Trail To Santa Fe 20.00
188260807-0 Classic Locomotives, Vol. 5: EMD GP-30 Keith F. Szachacz 5.00
Coming of the New York and Harlem Railroad, The Louis V Grogan 15.00
096645590-8 Concord & Claremont Railroad, The: a scenic branch of the Boston & Maine Edgar T. Mead 5.00
Country Depots in the Connecticut Hills Robert Lord 5.00 signed
093326900-5 Cowboys, miners, presidents & kings: the story of the Grand Canyon Railway Richmond, Al. 5.00
Days along the Buckwheat & Dandelion: the Unadilla Valley Railway /by Fred Pugh Ira L Swett 70.00
089024043-4 Diesel Locomotive Rosters: United States Canada Mexico Charles W. McDonald 5.00
978155039-1 Eastern Railroad 40.00
096386760-1 Era of Streetcars and Interurbans in Winnipeg, The Paul Stringham 10.00
094203541-0 Ghost Railroads of Kansas Robert L Collins 5.00
096052963-2 Go Pullman: Life and Times Charles M. Knoll 5.00
Green Mountain Railroad: Southern Vermont Mountain Railroad R W Nimke 5.00
091527624-0 Handsomest Trains in the World, The: Passenger Service on the Lehigh Valley Railroad William T. Greenberg and Frederick A. Kramer 5.00
Hoffman and Troy Railroad, The (Railroading in the Carolina Sandhills, Volume 3) General Grenville Dodge 25.00
How We Built the Union Pacific Railway Francis Bc Bradlee 30.00
081910330-6 Illinois Central steam finale, 1936-1960 Robert Barry Carson 10.00
096155745-1 In the Shore Line's Shadow: the six lives of the Danbury & Norwalk Railroad L. Peter Cornwall 5.00
093601303-6 Inverness And Richmond Railway, The S. David Carriker 20.00
096987051-5 Johnstown Traction Company 1882-1960 Michael Leduc 15.00
094203548-8 Kansas Central Narrow Gauge: Slim Rails across the Midlands I E Quastler 15.00
073854722-0 Key System, The: San Francisco and the East Shore Empire Walter Rice and Emilianno Echeverria 5.00
Lackawanna Railroad Volume Two Edward Gardner 5.00
091616006-8 Lake Terminal Railroad, The 1895-1995 Harold Keekley 35.00
Lehigh Valley Railroad Gardner 10.00
094214704-9 Lost Railroads of New England (2nd Edition)(New England Rail Heritage Series) (New England Rail Heritage Ronald Dale Karr 5.00
094214701-4 Lost Railroads of New England (New England Rail Heritage Series) Ronald Dale Karr 5.00
Mauch Chuck Switch Back Railway Gardner 25.00
094232201-0 Midwest Railroader Remembers – C & O And Steam 5.00
094232202-9 Midwest Railroader Remembers-the Frisco And Steam 5.00
Montour Railroad, The Gene P Schaeffer 10.00
978078643-2 Montreal Island Railway Stations: Cp & Constituent Companies 20.00
155039171-8 Mountain Timber Richard Somerset Mackie 50.00
087108624-7 Narrow Gauge East From Denver: the Colorado Eastern Railroad Newell, John C. and P. R. Griswold 5.00
Narrow Gauge: the Story of a Boston Revere Beach & Lynn Railroad Benson W Rohrbeck 10.00
091211346-4 Nation Pays Again, The: The Demise of The Milwaukee Road 1928-1986 Jeffrey D. Brown 25.00
New York State Railways, The Sheldon S King 5.00
094203524-0 Newfoundland Railway, The Lloyd E. Stagner 10.00 Bad ISBN-10 978078643-2
Newport-by Trolley ! Donald M O'hanley 5.00
073852983-4 Niles Canyon Railways Henry Luna and the PLA 5.00
096137881-6 Norfolk & Western Railways Magnificent Mallets Thomas H. Ploss 25.00 Bad ISBN-10 188308801-8
096332546-9 Norfolk & Western, The: A History E. F. Pat Striplin 5.00
Norfolk & Western, The: A History E. F. Pat Striplin 5.00 small paperback
093117054-0 Northern Pacific Railroad and the selling of the West, The: a nineteenth-century public relations venture Sig Mickelson 5.00
093948718-7 Northern Pacific's Rails to Gold and Silver, The, Vol. 1: Lines to Montana's Mining Camps 1883-1887 Douglas B. Nuckles and Thomas W. Dixon Jr 10.00
094203535-6 Ol' Hook & Eye, The: A history of the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad Co Lloyd E. Stagner 10.00
090627372-2 On the Rails around The Alps Melissa Shales 5.00
Over the Rails By Steam (a Railroad Scrapbook) Clinton F Thurlow 5.00
Overland Route: Lake Tahoe Line Fred A. Stindt 10.00
087046092-7 Pacific: 2472’s Family Album Kenneth G Johnsen 5.00
094165214-9 Pascack Valley line, The: a history of the New Jersey and New York Railroad Wilson E. Jones 5.00
081350832-0 Passage between rivers: a portfolio of photographs with a history of the Delaware and Raritan Canal Elizabeth G. C. Menzies 5.00
096662471-8 Pennsylvania M-1 Dual Service Mountains - Classic Power No. 8 Thomas Lawson Jr. 15.00
Pennsylvania Railroad : a Pictorial Review Ruth Gardner 5.00
093715602-7 Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines: an illustrated history of South Jersey's jointly-owned railroad Frederick A. Kramer 5.00
096161020-4 Railroad History Index, The, 1921-1984 Thomas Townsend Taber 5.00
093408821-7 Railroad Names Burt Pennypacker 10.00
094203503-8 Railroad Stations in Nebraska: An Era of Use And Reuse James J. Reisdorff 5.00
157510064-9 Railroading In The Land Of Infinite Variety: A History Of South Dakota's Railroads Bill Taylor and Jan Taylo 20.00
Railroads the Pennsylvania, The Roger B Saylor 5.00 industrial research report number four
096906170-6 Railway Mileposts - British Columbia Volume 1: The CPR Mainline Route From the Rockies to the Pacific Including the Okanagan Routes and CN's Canyon Route Roger G. Burrows 5.00
092048338-0 Railways of New Brunswick David Nason 5.00
Reading System Gardner 35.00
Reading, The: Building a Modern Railroad Reading Railroad 5.00
091482104-0 Roaring U50's--Union Pacific's twin diesels Fred Pugh 45.00
Rochester And Genesee Valley Rails Mary Hamilton Dann 35.00
Rock Island Lines A Pictorial Review Volume 2 Ed Gardner 10.00
Romance of the Canadian Pacific Railway, The R G Macbeth 5.00
978150857073-8 Santa Cruz Trains Derek R Whaley 5.00
080184012-0 Santa Fe 1987 Motive Power Pictorial James E. Vance 10.00
089745987-3 Santa Fe Rails, Volume 1 Kevin EuDaly 5.00
091186846-1 Seaboard Coast Line: SCL In Florida: A Pictorial History Bob Warren and Fred Clark 5.00
093074204-4 Shay – the Supplement Joseph A. Strapac 10.00
096353190-5 Southern Tier Lines Todd E Humphrey and John W. Humphrey 5.00
Story of the Canandaigua Street Railway Company, The William R Gordon 5.00
096512350-2 Story of the Stewarts Town Railroad 1885-1996, The Eric J Bickleman 5.00
092080502-7 Streetcars in the Kootenays: Nelson's tramways, 1899-1992 Douglas V. Parker 5.00
Summit Hill the Balloon Route Over the Detroit Toledo And Ironton Railroad Scott D. Trostel 5.00
094121626-8 Sunrise Route, The: A History of the Railroads of Washington County, Maine Michael W. Zimmermann 5.00
Timetable Pictorial of the West Shore Railroad Ed Gardner 35.00
087422029-7 To the Columbia gateway: the Oregon Railway and the Northern Pacific, 1879-1884 Peter J. Lewty 5.00
096153213-0 Toledo, Peoria & Western: Tried, Proven & Willing Rick W. Mills 15.00
Tractionsof the Orange Empire (Interurbans Special number 41) John a Gjevre 10.00
091637426-2 Transportation Blue Book 1931 (Interburbans, Extra Number 2, Winter 1976) Jim Walker 5.00
Tri-town trolleys: the story of the Nipissing Central Railway Robert C Stanley 10.00
091637456-4 Trolley to the past: a brief history and companion to the operating trolley museums of North America Andrew D. Young 5.00
188260809-7 Twilight of the Monongahela: the Railway's last year, 1992-1993 Harry Stegmaier 5.00
091992802-1 Union Pacific Motive Power in Transition: 1936-1960 Allister W. D. MacBean 15.00
Union Pacific West From Leavenworth William D Edson 10.00
093408809-8 Union Pacific rails to the mines: the Boise, Nampa & Owyhee Railway E. T. Harley 10.00
009616874-2 What Ever Happened to the Trolley? A Micro Historical and Economic Study of the Rise and Decline of Street Railroads in Syracuse, New York, 1860-1941 10.00
094203545-3 Wheat Belt Route : Wichita Northwestern : The Story of a Dust Bowl Railroad Lee Berglund 5.00
091851701-X Where Did the Tracks Go: Following Railroad Grades in the Adirondacks Michael Kudish 5.00
096297253-3 Whistle down the valley: 100 years of Green River railroading Kurt E. Armbruster 5.00 signed
093312608-5 White Pass and Yukon Route Stan Cohen 5.00
094165207-6 Wilkes-barre And Eastern Railroad, The Harold S. Fredericks 470.00
Wisconsin Rails: a Passage of Time: Growing Up With Railroading in the Badger State Bob Baker 10.00
978184038487-1 World Encyclopedia of Locomotives, The 5.00
093948708-X World's Greatest Mallets, The: C & O H-8 versus N & W class A Eugene L. Huddleston 5.00
York Railways 1886-1939 Benson W Rohrbeck 5.00